The Faculty of Natural Sciences is committed to providing excellent Teaching and Research facilities to the students. Research conferences, workshops, and competitions play a key role in the training of young researchers. Such events provide students a platform for presenting work, an opportunity for interactive discussions with experts on scientific matters, and a means to establish fruitful contacts.

To provide its MPhil students a platform for presenting their work, the Faculty of Natural Sciences joined hand with the Office of Research, Innovation, and Commercialization (ORIC) to organize the MPhil Poster Competition. The Postgraduate Research Poster Competition was held on Tuesday, May 10, 2022. External and Internal evaluators from each department evaluated the posters. The prize winners were:

Faculty of Natural Sciences

The first prize was awarded to Ms. Mahnoor Syed – Food Safety and Quality Management 

The second prize was awarded to Ms. Verda Saleem   – Environment Sciences Department

The third prize was awarded to Ms. Arooj Asif – Chemistry Department 

The department position holders were:

Physics Department


First position –  Saba Javed

Second position – Rabia Amjad

Chemistry Department


First position –  Asad Iqbal

Second position – Rabia Arshad

Environmental Sciences

First position – Ms. Ayreah Asim

Second position – Nirma Fayyaz

Kauser Abdulla Malik- School of Life Sciences – Food Safety & Quality Management

First position  – Syed Moiz Ali  

Second position – Nosheen Ilyas

Kauser Abdulla Malik- School of Life Sciences – Molecular Pathology & Genomics

First position –  Qadees Flalgus

Second position – Rabat Razia

Kauser Abdulla Malik- School of Life Sciences – Biotechnology

First position – Mayrah Ahmed

Second position – Rimsha Akhtar


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