The Writing Center and the English Department under the Faculty of Humanities in collaboration with New York University, Abu Dhabi organized a workshop titled Writing Program at FCCU: Designing a Context Specific Model on Thursday 09 October 2017. The NYUAD team headlined the workshop with their presentation about the design of the writing program and the role of the writing center at their university. Dr Marion Wrenn, Senior Lecturer, Director of the Writing Program, Arts and Humanities and Dr Ken Nielson, Senior Lecturer, Associate Director for the Writing Center, Arts and Humanities made up the team visiting from Abu Dhabi. Ms Jacqoline Austen presented the design of our Engl-101/ 103 courses whereas Ms Neelam Hanif presented the developments in our newly established writing center at FCCU. The organizers invited faculty members from all departments of the university to participate in this event and many departments were represented in our list of attendees. The aim of the workshop was to highlight the importance of writing as an integral part of a liberal arts university, and reiterate the involvement of all the departments in improving and developing this skill across disciplines.

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