Call for Papers: International Conference on Voices from the Periphery: Literature & Language

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_single_image image="22981" img_size="large" alignment="center"][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] Please click here for the program of the conference Keynote Speakers Prof. Josephine Nock-Hee Park Professor of English and Asian American Studies, University of Pennsylvania. Dr Cara Cilano Chairperson and Professor, Department of English, Michigan State University. Dr Claire Chambers Senior Lecturer in Global Literature, Department


October 17, 2019


October 18, 2019


Forman Christian College (A Chartered University), Lahore   View map

Please click here for the program of the conference

Keynote Speakers

Prof. Josephine Nock-Hee Park

Professor of English and Asian American Studies, University of Pennsylvania.

Dr Cara Cilano

Chairperson and Professor, Department of English, Michigan State University.

Dr Claire Chambers

Senior Lecturer in Global Literature, Department of English, University of York.


Concept Note

We, at the department of English, Forman Christian College, solicit a call for papers for an upcoming conference titled, “Voices from the Periphery”. The conference is uniquely situated to articulate the liminal experiences of the marginalized manifested in literary forms. We invite papers based on the literary representation of peripheral voices including the communities, identities, literature, cultural discourses, literary, artistic, and religious representations which are marginalized by the center. The speaking / writing position of a literary representation from the peripheries becomes all the more important for it works not only against the limited opportunities of expression but also against the imposition of the predetermined and self-assumed images of the minority by the dominant Other. Such representations exhibit the conflict between the minority’s latent resistance and its resultant desire for both self-formation and reformation in order to assert its identity. Peripheral representation is thus, both artistically and politically, challenged in its being twice removed from the center.

Moreover, the conference aims to interrogate into the representation of such voices that are twice removed from the general consciousness. This investigation is significantly important, firstly due to its defiance to the dominant voice of the other, and secondly in its capacity of being the bearer of a subjugated, and consequently real yet hidden reality. The conference intends to encourage the researchers to create such avenues for research as are based on the possible political challenges which the literary representation of peripheral voices is subjected to. Such challenges make the literary texts refract into the problem of articulating the experience of the minorities, primarily, in the dominating language representing the majority; this dominating language being English within the Pakistani context.

The conference also aims to bring to the fore the arduous task of the peripheral writer which is further exacerbated by the lack of opportunities for presentation of their voice to the world. Hence, this conference ardently embraces the experiences of the de-territorialized refugees, marginalized ethnicities, and the identity crisis of the diaspora. The purpose is also to aim at reading these texts of the minority writers as a quintessential practice of a radical humanistic endeavor to achieve self-realization. In an effort to recognize these voices, this conference simultaneously re-organizes the global world to be equally inclusive of all human experience via literary language(s) and language appropriation by minority writers.


We invite the submission of abstracts for oral, poster and virtual presentations within the literary as well as linguistic streams. The sub-themes may include but are not limited to the focus on peripheral voices through:


  • Minority Literature
  • Minority Writers
  • Women Writers from Margins
  • Regional Literature
  • Ethnic Representations
  • Diaspora writing
  • Anglophone world literature
  • Minority and post-Coloniality


  • Indigenization and Appropriation of English in English Literature
  • Non-native Varieties of English in Social Discourses
  • Discourse as a Means to Empower the Peripheral Voice
  • Psycholinguistic Approach to Peripheral Voice
  • Sociolinguistic Approach to Liminal Experiences
  • Linguistics and Stylistic Variation of Non-native English Writers


Submission Guidelines:

The abstract should be sent to along with a short Bio note (50-100 words)

Abstract Guidelines:

The abstract should be 200-250 words long following MLA (Modern Language Association) for Literature and APA (American Psychological Association [APA], 2010) for Linguistics based papers. The abstracts should include, research problem, research objective(s), research question (s), research gap, research design, methodological approach, key findings and implications.

Keywords: Five keywords are required in alphabetical order.

Presentation Guidelines:

Presentations are limited to 20 minutes, followed by 5-10 minutes of discussion (i.e. a 30-minute slot maximum for each presenter).

Terms & Policies:

The unpublished, original and innovative papers, particularly addressing the conference theme, will be considered for presentation. We will only accept a maximum of ONE single-authored paper and ONE co-authored paper per attendee.

Registration: Registration is now open for all the attendees and selected presenters (CFP: Closed)

All the participants [presenters (authors & co-authors) & attendees] are required to register for the conference. The detail of the registration fees is as follows:

Presenters:   PKR 3000


Early Bird Registration:

Faculty:   PKR 3000

Students:  PKR 1000

Onsite Registration:

Faculty: 4000

Students: 2000

The registration fee covers the costs of the conference including Souvenirs, Certificates, two (02) meals, & Tea (twice a day) during the session breaks through the two days of the conference.

Bank account details:

Bank: Habib Bank Limited
Account Title: Forman Christian College
Account Number: 2361-70000232-01
The transactions can be made through online banking / ATM transaction. The registered  participants are required to send a scanned copy of of the bank receipts of the deposited registration fee via email on the email address: 


Deadline for submission of Abstract: 30th April, 2019

Intimation of Accepted Abstracts: 15th May, 2019

Complete Paper Submission: 31st May, 2019

Registration for Presenters: 31st August, 2019

(Only the names of the registered presenters will appear in the conference program. Once the program is finalized and published, no new names will be added.)

Registration for Attendees:
Early Bird Registration: 10th September, 2019

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