All senior students who took Proficiency Profile assessment in Fall 2015 (19-Series) are required to take post-assessment as the below Seating Plan.

Please click here for the seating plan


Please read the following:

  1. Purpose of the assessment

  2. Benefits of taking ETS® Proficiency Profile assessment

  3. Optional: Check out the ETS Proficiency Profile test contents and Sample Questions


Purpose of the assessment – Institution

The test will facilitate in improving the education we offer at FCCU by enabling us to strategically evaluate the general education program and make it more effective.


Benefits of taking ETS® Proficiency Profile – Student

  • Certificate of Participation:

Forman Christian College will provide student with a certificate for his/her participation.

  • Free score report:

In a separate document, we will provide to student the detailed score report if he/she desires with the following scores: Total Score, Reading, Writing, Critical Thinking, Mathematics, Humanities, Natural Sciences and Social Sciences.

  • Helpful in reference letter:

This test assesses students on critical thinking, reading, writing and mathematical skills. Student performance report will be helpful for his/her referee to highlight student’s competency in terms of critical thinking, quantitative skills, reading and writing skills which the student can put in his/her reference letter if he/she chooses to provide his/her referee with his/her scores.

  • Free of Cost:

The ETS® Proficiency Profile test cost US $ 14.50 per test which has already been paid by Forman Christian College. This money was paid to give students’ the opportunity to compare themselves with international students. It also gives them the opportunity to experience how an international examination is conducted.

  • Valuable and unforgettable contribution in improving FCCU:

FCCU will be using the Proficiency Profile test for improving education at FCCU by making it more competitive in the market and up to the mark with international standards. Scores on the test will be used for many purposes such as:

  • It will help institution to identify which reading, writing or mathematical skills need improvement. This will help students to understand what skill they are lacking and by concentrating on those skills they can improve. Also we will give greater emphasis more on those lacking skills in our general education curriculum in order to improve those skills.

  • By testing our seniors we can assess value added among our students’ growth in areas like reading, writing, critical thinking and mathematics skills. It will also help to make our case for accreditation.

  • It will further help FCCU to perform longitudinal analyses where we will look at freshmen to senior year changes in the skill levels of our students. Moreover, we will be able to compare our students’ performance with the norms from similar institutions abroad.

  • Performance award:

The student will get Rs 500/= if he/she scores marginally proficient or proficient on the Proficiency Profile test (reading, writing and mathematics skills).


ETS Proficiency Profile test contents and Sample Questions

Student may find ETS® test contents at

Sample questions


Without your valuable contribution it will not be possible to evaluate the general education program and make it more effective.

In case of any query feel free to contact:

N-001/N-002 (Ahmad Saeed Administration Building)

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