On 11 March, members of Earth Watch Club and students of FCCU invited the Chairperson Punjab Environmental Tribunal, Mr Shazib Saeed to enlighten us about government proceedings on the matter related to Environment specifically Climate Change. Students and faculty from other departments also attended the lecture with the Chairperson of Environmental Sciences Department, Dr Ishtiaq Qazi and the Society Advisor and Lecturer, Ms Sara Ali; Associate Professor, Dr Derk Bakker and Associate Professor, Dr Shinho Chung.

In an interactive section in S-009, Mr Shazib briefly described what climate change is and what different states are doing to combat its effects. For Pakistan however, there may not be a lot of ways to fight effects of climate change but still every person can help to reduce its impacts on the environment. How? You may ask. By simply taking a hazardous environmental phenomenon e.g “smoke out of brick kilns polluting the atmosphere” to the environmental tribunal.

By his talk, he made it easier for everyone attending the lecture to stand up to environmental offenses themselves and report them to the tribunal so correct action can be taken by the offices. There are global environmental protests against corrupt states who refuse to decrease their carbon emission and continue on with poor environmental policies neglecting the ongoing adverse effects on the environment. The Punjab Environmental Tribunal, on the other hand, has taken a step towards redemption by accepting more and more environmental cases and trying to resolve them which are both good for the environmental and in place with federal provisions.

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