The 16th International Congress of Soil Science was held on 15-17 March 2016 at PMAS-Arid Agricultural University, Rawalpindi in collaboration with Soil Science Society of Pakistan. The theme of this International Conference was “Healthy Soils for Food Security”. The event was attended by a large number of International researchers from all over the world. FCC’s student, Saman Rizwan from Environmental Sciences Program represented her institution on this platform. She successfully conducted a talk regarding her research project supervised by Dr Sohaib Aslam.

The theme of the conference was Healthy Soils for Food Security since Sustainable development is based on sustainable agriculture and sustainable agriculture is based on sustainable and healthy soil. Rapidly increasing population is further rising the pressure on our soils due to intensification and competing uses for cropping, forestry, pasture/rangeland and urbanization. Rapid deterioration of our soils is leading to loss of nutrients which are essential for high crop yield. Soils need to be valued and recognized for their role to achieve food security and nutritional goals, to fight climate change and to guarantee the sustainable development.

The topic of Saman’ presentation was “Study of maize residues decomposition in soil with a comparison of mulched versus incorporated residue management: A step towards sustainable agriculture”. The objective of this study was to propose better solution for increasing organic matter in soil of Pakistan which are deficient of nutrients. Pakistan is an agro based economy and all we need is to enhance productivity of our soils without compromising quality of environment. This could only be achieved by reducing our dependence on chemical fertilizers which cause environmental pollution and by finding organic fertilizers which are environmental friendly. This research was supervised by Dr Sohaib Aslam.

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