In this day and era with green spaces decreasing in an alarming rate, and temperature rising to an unprecedented level, it is more than just necessary to incorporate a “green mindset” in Pakistan’s youth, it is an agenda, a cause, a plea for help.

Planting trees may seem like a fruitless option in the start however, when a tree grows to its full potential, it just doesn’t provide shade but also creates a new natural habitat for birds, cool the surrounding air while cleaning it as well. People all around the country need to understand their importance and at least plant 2 trees outside their house and their neighbor’s.

On Tuesday 05 March 2019, EWC (Earth Watch Club) collaborating with NCPC (National Cleaner Production Centre) Rawalpindi initiated Spring Tree Planting Campaign 2019 on the campus. Faculty and students hailing from various departments and Earth Watch Club- FCCU decided to welcome spring with a fresh breath of green and serenity. With the help of Head of Environmental Sciences Department, Dr Ishtiaq Qazi and the club’s advisor Ms Sara Ali, the club members and students planted 73 new trees around the campus with their own hands, starting from the botanical gardens all the way to the main grounds of the campus covering the perimeter, the students proved to be diligent and proactive towards the growth of a better environment. The club members arranged the trees from nurseries and asked their campus’s gardeners for help, they were more than happy to join.

It is in the end, the students, researchers, scholars and the academia that can start a ripple effect which will then move the rest of the city dwellers towards a path that can bring a greener environment.

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