The Department of Environmental Sciences arranged an academic field trip to the Ayubia National Park (one of the protected areas dedicated to Forest and Wildlife conservation) on 6th January 2018 for its MPhil students. This field trip was in accordance with their course ENVR-501: Wildlife, Forestry and Wetland Conservation and Management. The aim of this program was to enhance the learning capacity of students through practical experience of wildlife conservation and management. It was a very productive visit as the students got the opportunity to learn practical aspects through field demonstration. Mr Sajid, from WWF, Nathiagalli, gave a very informative lecture on the wildlife conservation and management strategies being carried out at Nathiagalli. This lecture was followed by field demonstration of common leopard monitoring practices by WWF staff. The students had very good practical experience about their subject content. In addition, students utilized their time for recreational activities at Murree.

Dr Sohaib Aslam, MPhil Environmental Sciences Coordinator accompanied the students on this trip. Financial support for this study trip was provided by the Rector’s Office and the Department of Environmental Sciences and was greatly acknowledged by the participants.

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