Forman Christian College (A Chartered University) congratulates Dr Sara Rizvi Jafree, Assistant Professor in the Department of Sociology, on publishing her book, ‘Women, Healthcare and Violence in Pakistan’, through the Oxford University Press. The book sheds lights on women healthcare practitioners across Pakistan who encounter some form of workplace violence almost daily during care delivery.

There is a deep-rooted relationship between gender and violence in the country. Regressive traditional beliefs, theological interpretations, and inefficient structures sanction sustained violence against women nurses, women doctors and lady healthcare workers, at the hands of different perpetrators. The irony is that most frontline women healthcare practitioners, who are responsible for the lives of the public, are unable to prevent their own victimization!

This book records statistical findings and oral voices of women practitioners, as they reveal the realities of harassment, bullying and abuse. Revelations include the witnessing of high incidence of unreported violence against women patients in the community. Sadly, women in the country have adopted a “sisterhood of silence’’ in accepting blame and developing coping strategies to avoid, but not stop, violence. Male practitioner and administration voices have also been documented to provide a holistic understanding of the complex problem.

Also included is a global and local literature review about workplace violence in the health sector, a brief media content analysis about the reality of violence against women practitioners in the country, and a selected presentation of academic theories explaining gendered workplace violence. In order to break away from established norms and structures of violence, a realistic path towards zero-tolerance is outlined for the community and governance bodies; in order to secure both women practitioner safety and patient safety. As the book cover areas of gender, public health, workplace culture, and violence, it is recommended reading for, but not limited to: academicians and researchers, healthcare practitioners and administrators, policy makers and community notables.

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