Distinctively FCCU

Forman Christian College is ranked as a ‘W’ Category University by the HEC. It is also the only member of The Global Liberal Arts Alliance in all of Pakistan.

FCCU has been a pioneer in many fields. We were the first college in the region to form a Graduates’ Association (1896), open a Biology department (1898), adopt Co-education (1902), open a Technical Chemistry department (1919), and start Geography classes (1924).

Our innovative ideas are applicable to this day.

The decade since denationalization in 2003, and becoming a chartered University in 2004, has provided FCCU ample opportunities to implement new ideas. A genuinely liberal arts education introduced in our Baccalaureate honors program in 2004 gives undergraduates both depth and breadth of knowledge.  It prepares them well for the next step in their lives, whether in jobs or further studies.

Students currently have a choice of 22 majors at the Baccalaureate (BA/BS Hons) level. Four of these are professional degrees: Business, Biotechnology, Bioinformatics, and Computing. Moreover, with the options of taking a major and a minor or a double major in the BA/BS (Hons) programs, the range of subject combinations is vast. The last ten years have also seen a great expansion in FCCU’s postgraduate programs. MBA, EMBA, MPhil Applied Economics, Executive MA in Public Policy, and both MPhils and PhDs in Biotechnology, Chemistry and Physics are now offered. These postgraduate programs combine theoretical rigor with real-world experience, whether through internships, collaborative research, academia-industry partnerships, guest speakers, entrepreneurship opportunities, or industry visits.

FCCU is constantly searching for ways to address the needs of students – whether they are full-time students or professionals who need to upgrade their qualifications to improve their position in the job market. For this purpose, we have increased the number of evening programs. These now include MPhil Food Safety & Quality Management, MPhil Molecular Pathology & Genomics, Executive MA and MPhil in Public Policy, and EMBA. To help graduates with a conventional 2-year BSc degree, FCCU is also starting a 2-year evening MSc Economics degree.

FCCU’s highly competent faculty for both college and university comprises of 317 members– half of whom have postgraduate degrees from foreign universities – have access to a continuous program of professional development. 

Our seven on-campus and one off-campus hostel allow over 700 male and female students from remote parts of the country to attend the university. The result is a very diverse student body. In 2014, we inaugurated a new 384-bed hostel for females funded by USAID which will help us to fulfill our goal of increasing the ratio of female students from the current 34% to 50%. Of the approximately 6,000 students on campus, over 700 are from minority communities, putting their ratio at 11% of the total student body and making it one of the most diverse groups of students in any Pakistani university.

Our merit scholarships and need-based financial assistance program provides assistance to over 1,200 students and are also the means of ensuring that students from a wide range of backgrounds have the opportunity for an FCCU education. Teaching assistantships at the Postgraduate level allow more students to benefit from our generous financial assistance program.

Blending the Past and Future

This multi-layered education means that our graduates have been leaders in many fields – sciences, arts, judiciary, armed forces, civil service, medicine, business, etc. – since our earliest days.

New infrastructure means that students have access to the latest lab equipment and facilities. Institutional grants and MoUs with industry and research institutions offer students the chance to work on the latest research in their fields. Old traditions also continue, with an on-campus Natural History Museum and Botanic Gardens.

A reinvigorated association for alumni, many of whom have generations of Formanites in their families, is helping to raise the profile of the University as well as financially supporting FCCU graduates in their studies and future careers.

We are proud of the legacy we have inherited and aware of the responsibility this places on us as educators of the youth of Pakistan.