Department of Mass Communication and Career Services Office jointly organized a session by DGPR on Monday, March 25 2019. Mr Amjad Hussain Bhatti, Director General, Directorate General Public Relations (DGPR) Punjab was invited as the speaker for the event.

Themes of the session included public relations and government, media management through public relations, and media regulations. Ms Rachel Hasan, Chairperson Mass Communication, Mr Ameek George, Head of Career Services and Ms Sara Pervaiz Chughtai, Manager Internships welcomed Mr Bhatti to the event. Mass Communication Faculty, students, and representatives of Career Services Office were among the attendees of the event.  Mr Bhatti spoke on various aspects of public relations and its role in formation of public opinion. He elaborated the idea of conceptual framework in which values, beliefs and information play a great function in building the image of state.

He further explained the importance of quality, substance and placement of the PR content. While speaking about the relationship of media and public relations, Mr Bhatti explained that government needs to create the capacity to maintain the state-to-state relations and relationship to the public as well. The subject of freedom of expression was also deliberated by the DGPR and it was emphasized that media play an instrumental role for creating a politically important image for the state organs. State has to maintain the friendly relationship with media, and ensure the implementation of media regulations, however it should not exercise its authority on the media at the same time. Referencing 18th amendment, Government of Punjab is working on new press ordinance under which Press Registrar for Punjab and Punjab Audit Bureau of Circulation will perform their duties in Punjab.

In the conclusion of his talk, Mr Bhatti emphasized on the importance of result oriented PR. He said the governance structure, political and development decisions of the state should be projected through media effectively to yield positive image for the government. There was also a brief question answer session at the end of the event. Mr Bhatti welcomed student questions regarding the current media market, role of government and its impact on academic.

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