Miller’s Dream, A Student Philosophy Journal
Spring 2018

This journal features essays on several different themes and topics of research.

Miller’s Dream, A Student Philosophy Journal

This journal reflects the department’s effort to encourage and accommodate student research in the various fields of philosophy

Miller’s Dream, A Student Philosophy Journal

This journal issue consists of papers that explore analytic philosophy, political philosophy and philosophy of religion.

Miller’s Dream, A Student Philosophy Journal

This journal issue presents papers on topics from epistemology to the philosophical influences on Islamic Mysticism to the non-rational aspects of Platonic thought.

Miller’s Dream, A Student Philosophy Journal

This inaugural journal issue presents papers on Raven’s Paradox and Aristotelian Ethics among others.

Author Guidelines for Miller’s Dream: A Student Philosophy Journal
  • As of now, we can only accept submissions from students of Forman Christian College University (FCCU).
  • Your submission should be one of the essays you wrote for the coursework of a philosophy course.
  • Your article should have received an A grade for the coursework you submitted it for.
  • Your article should have an original research idea, and cannot simply be an exposition of another author’s work.
  • Your essay should follow the latest Chicago Manual Style of referencing. It should have in-text citations instead of footnotes and endnotes.
  • There should be a bibliography in the end, instead of a works cited section. We would like you to include all the work that you went through to write your essay, even if you did not get a chance to use all the material.
  • Make sure you do not commit unintentional plagiarism in your essay. The submission will not be reviewed any further if it contains any form of plagiarism. In your essay, you should cite all quotations, ideas, images, etc. that are not your own. Paraphrasing someone else’s work does not make it your work, you should still cite the source that you used.
  • Your submissions should be 2000 to 4000 words long.
  • Submission process: Please submit two documents:
    • Profile Document: This file should contain: your name and roll number, the title of your essay, the course and instructor you wrote the essay for, and your declared or intended major and minor.
    • Essay Document: The essay file should be prepared for blind-review. It should not contain anything but the title of the essay and the essay itself. Anything that links the essay to the author should be removed from this document.