A seminar on Media Ethics in Pakistan was organized by Assistant Professor, Ms Faiza Rafique for Media Laws and Ethics course. Chairperson & Assistant Professor, Ms Rachel Hassan was also present at the seminar.

Regional General Manager PEMRA, Mr Ikram Barkat and Deputy General Manager, Ms Mariam Bader were invited to share information with Mass Communication students.

Mr Ikram Barkat gave a detailed presentation on the role of PEMRA as a regulatory body. He discussed the multiple facets of PEMRA as an intermediary body responsible for licensing, monitoring, and maintaining standards of public information.

He further elaborated on the structure of the organization and hierarchy of decision making. The presentation had a detailed statistical data of broadcast media channels and their distributions in Pakistan.

He also emphasized on the role of media as a Public Service Media fulfilling the role of a moral, social and public model. During his presentation, he discussed the plight of fake news and growing sensationalism in Pakistani news media.

One of the key points in his presentation was amendments made in the PEMRA Ordinance and its’ impact on the news formation and narrative building. He explained that how cross media ownership in Pakistan has allowed media giants to hijack discourse of public information.

An extensive video presentation containing clips by various news channels was shown as an example of a violation of code of conduct. He explained the process of actions determined by the code of media conduct.

Lastly, he shared future plans of PEMRA promising quality journalism in Pakistan. Students had a chance to have a brief question and answer session.

Ms Mariam Bader facilitated in coordination and ensured PEMRA representation at the event.

Ms Rachel Hassan and Ms Faiza Rafique presented the souvenirs to worthy guests and thanked them for their participation.

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