Department of Mass Communication organized a panel discussion on conflict reporting for News Reporting students on May 22, 2019. The panel comprised of renowned journalists from Geo Network including Mr. Naseem Hassan Qureshi ,Mr. Shehryar Warraich & Ahmad Faraz Malik

The moderator Ms Anam Muzamill interacted with the panel on important issues including the preparedness required for conflict reporting assignments. Mr. Naseem while answering to this question stressed on the fact that conflict reporting is not restrained to war zones only, crime reporting is one of the many facets of conflict reporting. He reiterated his opinion in the light of his personal journalistic experience of investigating a crime scene.

Ethical considerations for a reporter while reporting in conflict zones was highlighted by Mr. Shehryar Warraich. He emphasized on the complexities attached to information while reporting from conflict zones.  And expressed his great concern on how ideological reporting can worsen or incite more crimes or provoke sensitivities attached to religion & identity. He also suggested that conflict reporting has to be free of ideological biases. Coming from a teaching background, very well described embedded reporting to our students.

Professional challenges and skills required for becoming a professional journalist in conflict beat were pointed out by Mr. Ahmad Faraz. He highly encouraged our students who aspire to become future journalists, to stay honest and focused in your profession.

The panel also showed a great concern over safety and security measures for journalists in Pakistan. The discussion was very well received by students and they asked thought provoking questions at the end of session.

In the end, Ms. Rachel Hasan, Chairperson, Mass Communication Department, acknowledged the meaningful discussion by esteemed panellists and distributed souvenirs among them. She also appreciated the efforts of her organizing team including Ms. Anam Muzamil, Mr. Abid Ali Butt, Mr. Adeel Ahmad Aamir & Ms. Faiza Rafique.

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