The Department of Mass Communication organized a guest lecture with, a well-known journalist, senior correspondent of GNN News, Mr Muhammad Asim Naseer on beat reporting and importance of sources on Friday, 15 March 2019. The students of News Reporting course attended the session. Asim Naseer has around 20 years of experience in print and electronic media covering crime and political reporting, he has worked in Geo News previously as a senior correspondent in BOL and Neo news as well. He is an eminent column writer with NaiBaat newspaper. His discussion encompassed how beat reporting has evolved in 21st century. He specially talked about political beat reporting and gave insights about the composition of different political parties. Mr Naseer stated ” if you want to give a breaking story you need to maintain inside sources in political parties”, in response to a question regarding media independence he commented that in Pakistan, real journalism is not happening due to the curbs on freedom of press and Pakistani media is in the phase of self-censorship. He insisted that journalism students should work hard in order to be a credible and objective journalist. In the end, Assistant Professor of Mass Communication, Adeel Ahmad Aamir thanked the esteemed guest and summed up the important points of discussion.

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