The Department of Mass Communication held a skills development workshop by Ms Sabeen Inam on 30 March 2018. The workshop was organized by Syed M Saqib Saleem, Assistant Professor and Instructor for Radio Broadcasting course.

Ms Sabeen is a multi-skilled, and foreign qualified media and communication professional, has over fourteen years of experience in the field of media. Her core expertise is production for TV, radio & social media, professional media trainings and professional voice-overs.

In the skill development workshop, students received the opportunity to explore their own voice to learn about various technical aspects of professional voiceovers. Students also practiced different content that affects the voice pitch, tone, and style of presentation of the radio presenter.

Ms Sabeen conducted a few other activities which aimed at honing the radio broadcasting skills of the students.  She went over the basics of conducting a radio show. Elaborating on the difficulties, she made the students aware of problems that occur while a live show is being aired. Giving examples from her own experience, she enlightened the students with strategies to tackle any untoward incident.

In her conclusion, she also gave students a follow up task. The students were asked to record a 10-minute radio show on their digital devices which was to be submitted by the end of next week. This task was aimed at testing all that the students had learned in the workshop.

The course instructor made sure that the students learn every practical aspect of the course from her expertise. Overall, it was a productive practical session for the students of Radio Broadcasting, who got hands-on experience with the professional from the field itself.

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