Department of Mass Communication in collaboration with Oslo Metropolitan University organized a 3-day training workshop on Safety of Journalism students and Journalists in Hostile Environment at Forman Christian College (A Chartered University) from 25th till 27th February, 2019. The training was attended by participants from various international and national media organizations, professors of mass communication from universities of Lahore and students of the Department of Mass Communication.

At the opening, Prof Joseph Sun, Vice Rector of FCCU talked about the importance of trainings for professionals by the professionals and how FCC is committed to such endeavours. He also gave a brief introduction of the guest speaker Ms Abeer Saady, an experienced war correspondent and Prof Dr Elizabeth Eide, Professor of Journalism in Oslo Metropolitan University.

Dr Elizabeth Eide shared her experience in conflict zones of Afghanistan and discussed the difficulties she faced in Afghan War. She discussed the importance of safety measures, language and dress code that the journalists should try to follow while in conflict reporting as these measures can ensure the safety of journalists.

Ms Abeer gave an insight on how to maintain investigative journalism and how to deal with conflict journalism. She emphasized that a country like Pakistan which has risk of terrorism, the journalists need to focus on their safety. Dr Altaf Ullah Khan, Professor of Communication and Mr Atta Ansari, an investigative journalist from Norway gave a lecture to the students of mass communication about the “Challenges to journalists & journalism in Pakistan: a perspective from Pakistan and the west”.

On the last day, Ms Rachel Hasan, Chairperson Department of Mass Communication highlighted and acknowledged the services of Dr. Abeer Saady in the field of journalism. She also thanked all the participants for committing to the training, as well as the organizing team of Forman Journalism Society for organizing the event. Dr Nukhbah Langah, Dean of Humanities distributed certificates among the participants.

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