On 10 March 2020, Department of Geography arranged a trip to Islamabad with a group of 35 students along with three faculty members Dr Atif Ali Butt, Hafsah Batool and Prof. Kashif Shafique. The group visited GARL (Geoscience Advanced Research Laboratories) where work sections of minerals, water, soil, gemstones, GIS lab and the crushing unit was visited where rocks of large sizes that are analyzed and converted into powder form were on display. The students observed a chemical separation unit where gold, silver and other metals are separated using different chemical techniques along with contaminants and toxicants in the Environmental Examination Lab. In the GIS section, students learned how maps are developed, interpreting maps and geographical features and the changes made since 1947 in Pakistan.

The research done in GARL is used by private companies and government sectors for research purposes. After GARL, the group visited ERRA (Earthquake Reconstruction and Rehabilitations Authority) sub department of NDMA (National Disaster Management Authority) where they were briefed about the working principles, ongoing projects and past experiences of NDMA by the member DRR M. Idrees Masud. The group was shown evidence for past disasters in Pakistan and how the number of populations affected by it. NDMA is currently working on combating the Coronavirus. Both the organizations that were visited are working efficiently with proper checks and balances in place. The purpose of both organizations is to work for the betterment of people and other organizations.

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