A Tree Plantation Ceremony was conducted by Department of Biological Sciences in collaboration with Plan Operations at Botanic Garden of FCCU on 22 March 2017. Among various participants were Vice Rector, Dr Joseph Jones; Chairperson and Professor of Biological Sciences, Dr Samina Mehnaz; Professor Emeritus, Dr Rehan Siddiqi; Professor, Zia ul Islam; Associate Professor, Mr Abdur Rehman Saeed; Former In Charge Botanic Garden, Mr Shah Nawaz Cheema; Associate Professor and In Charge, Dr Aisha Saleem Khan and other faculty members from Biological Science Department.

Economically important edible trees like jackfruit, common fig, tamarind, lemon and falsa were planted by Dr Jones, Dr Samina Mehnaz, Dr Rehan Siddiqui and Mr Zia ul Islam.

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