The Career Services Office and Internships Office, Forman Christian College Lahore, in collaboration with The Career Pakistan’s Talk World Program organized a virtual session with Mr. Ghanzanfar Ali, Country General Manager on Wednesday 11th, November 2020. He was interviewed by Ms. Maryam Khalid, Assistant Professor in the Business Department, FC College).

This session highlighted on how to lead a successful career, where students of different fields as Business and Information technology department were addressed on how they can apply for global and local economy market.

Ms. Sara, Head of Career Services and Internship Department, and Ms. Maryam Khalid, Assistant Professor moderated this session and asked questions related to Mr. Ghanzanfar’s early life and his career pathway. Mr. Ali amicably answered the questions and shared about his diverse background. Mr. Ali got his early education from a public sector school in Hyderabad and completed his degree from Engineering University in Lahore. He mentioned the importance of staying focused by highlighting successful completion in the engineering degree and landing into the multinational company like IBM in 2006.

In the session, He mentioned that whatever we are being taught in our university, schools, and colleges is creating the structure of our personality. The values’ being taught to us from our desired institute helps us in our future career.

Mr. Ali added, integrity is the most important core of IBM. Opportunities keep growing but working with integrity is the key factor to remain successful. He also mentioned the significance of soft skills and emphasize that if a student has a skill, they can always address the opportunity in one of the growing platforms of economy, around the globe. Students should always try themselves in a skilled area. The more people get engaged in different areas of work they get connected to the market.

Mr. Ghanzanfar Ali also mentioned the internship program by IBM. This program offers 40-50 internships to every student and can be easily applied from the IBM portal. IBM is also offering many different free courses to the students. Mr. Ali concluded a person should be loyal and confident with himself.

The Career Services and Internship Office would like to express gratitude to The Career Pakistan’s Talk World Program for collaborating with us and investing in our student’s future by connecting our office with Speakers like Mr. Ghanzaffar Ali. His knowledge and advice will surely help our students in future decisions. We also thank Ms. Mariam Khalid who moderated the session and made this session interesting by her witty questions, and pleasant voice.

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