Services We Offer

Psychological Assessment

CCC provides brief Psychological Assessment services that allows clients and the counselors to attain a better understanding of their emotional and behavioral concerns. The assessment procedures assist counselors in devising counseling plans that are suited to the unique individual needs of the clients. Moreover, ongoing psychological assessment also helps the counselor and client to determine the progress made during and after the counseling process.

Individual Counseling

Individual Counseling is offered to members of the FCCU community and is based on one-on-one interaction with a professional in a safe and comfortable environment where confidentiality is ensured; unless it is determined the individual could be a threat to the self or someone or something else. The rationale is to explore and deal with an individual’s immediate maladaptive emotions, behaviors and beliefs that are interfering with his or her daily functioning.

Group Counseling

CCC also provides group counseling on various topics like coping with exam, anxiety management, anger management, smoking cessation etc. The purpose of group counseling is to cater to multiple counselees who are faced with similar issues. This form of counseling can help clients gain additional support and better insight about their respective concerns, and make them realize that they are not the only ones suffering from such problems.


CCC also provides help to members of the FCCU community through workshops in which multiple participants get the opportunity to engage in intensive discussion and participate in activities on a variety of issues such as: anger management, time management, procrastination, anxiety management etc.


The CCC conducts seminars on a host of topics that promote mental wellbeing amongst the FCCU Community. Guest speakers from various walks of life are invited to share their experiences and expertise with the student body.

Crisis Intervention

We also remain equipped to provide short-term psychological care aimed at supporting individuals in a crisis situation, in order to restore their functionality and deal with any kind of psychological trauma.

Outreach Program

We offer our services to different departments at FCCU by facilitating them with workshops and lectures on various topics such as conflict management, team work, assertiveness training etc. Departments can contact us to arrange training workshops on several topics either for their students or staff members from their respective departments.

Book Resource

The Counseling Center utilizes relevant literature including books, handouts, research articles and various other self-help resources for facilitating the healing process of the counselees. As part of the counseling sessions, counselees are often given reading material that assists with the resolution of their concerns. However, we also facilitate students who for some reason cannot partake in the counseling sessions by providing them self-help literature that can help them deal with their psychological issues.



CCC Organizes Online Workshop on Time Management

At 9:28 am
By Communications Office, FCCU

CCC Organizes Online Workshop on Conflict Management

At 9:14 am
By Communications Office, FCCU

CCC Organizes Online Workshop on Anxiety Management

At 9:08 am
By Communications Office, FCCU