Dear graduating FCCU students:
We are moving forward with plans for the next FCCU Commencement — the “capstone” event in the life of any university as well as a significant milestone for students earning their degrees. It also serves as an important family celebration, bringing students and their loved ones together in an important way, given the commitment and sacrifices involved in attaining academic success.

Given that government regulations and current assessments of the Covid-19 pandemic preclude us from hosting an on-campus event for the class of 2020 now, we plan to proceed with a virtual, online Commencement to mark the occasion. This is scheduled to take place on SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 27, BEGINNING AT 11 AM.

The order of ceremonies will be similar to past Commencements including a featured commencement speaker; honorary degrees and student awards. We also expect to have a special video message for all graduating seniors from Dr. Peter Armacost, the first post denationalization Rector of  Forman Christian College (A Chartered University).

While organizing this Commencement in late February to ensure that graduating students are honored and receive their degrees in a timely fashion, we are also planning a second follow-on graduation celebration once Covid-19 is sufficiently behind us. This will be a special event to honor a special class — one that has had to face serious obstacles, overcome incredible challenges, and display strong resilience while also achieving notable success during an unprecedented global pandemic that will be written about in the history books for a long time to come.

it is not possible to provide a specific date for this follow-on on-campus celebration now. However, we hope and expect that it will take place in fall 2021. All members of the Forman class of 2020 will be invited back to campus along with selected family members as part of these celebrations. Details will be worked out later — however, we can promise that this will be a special, unique, and memorable event, providing the public recognition and physical presence that the FCCU Class of 2020 so richly deserves.

A few additional details on the upcoming virtual Commencement, scheduled for Saturday, February 27, beginning at 11 AM:
First, there will be no registration fee for this on-line Commencement event; those students who have already registered and paid the registration fee will be reimbursed at the time of their security refund.
Second, a degree distribution booth will be established outside Sinclair Hall from March 1-3. Graduating students will be able to collect their degree/documents at this booth, according to a schedule that will be shared later.

We look forward to welcoming you to the virtual online FCCU Commencement event in late February.

At the same time, we also look forward to seeing you at a physical graduation “celebration” on the campus later this year, when the medical situation and government policy allows it. This will be a special event — one that hopefully marks a turning point in the negative impacts of Covid-19 that have been played over the past many months while also serving as an unprecedented celebration for the class of 2020, formally affirming and commemorating in a proper way their resilience, achievement, and emergence as the latest graduating class to join the ranks of distinguished Forman alumni.

With thanks, appreciation, and prayers for your good health as well as your continued success,

Dr. Jonathan Addleton,
Rector, Forman Christian College (A Chartered University)


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