The Cognitive Psychology Research Lab at FCCU is one of the first experimental laboratories for cognitive psychology in Pakistan. Cognitive Psychology is the study of processes such as attention, memory, language, and problem solving. Most of the research on cognition has been completed in contexts that intrinsically value individuality, personal achievement, and accuracy.

Our goal in the Cognitive Psychology Research Lab is to understand how cognition may approximate or diverge from previous research, in our cultural context.

If you have any questions, or to participate in a study, contact the primary investigator:


The Cognitive Psychology Laboratory Timings for Fall 2020

The Cognitive Lab will be moving online this semester. Check back for details.

Primary Investigator

Dr Elizabeth Maria Schwaiger

Assistant Professor

PsyD (Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology, USA)
MA (Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology, USA)
Room # 339, Business and Social Sciences Building
Ext: 653


Dr Abia Nazim

Assistant Professor

PhD in Clinical Psychology (BNU, Lahore)
MS Clinical Psychology (Government College University, Lahore)
ADCP (University of Punjab, Lahore)
Room # 348, Business and Social Sciences Building
Ext: 656

Fatima Arooj
Lab Coordinator
Rameeza Ahmad
Rameen Tahir
Research Assistant

Cognitive functioning, behavior, and psychological risk: A longitudinal gene-environment interaction study: Come take part in our new, multi-phase study in collaboration with the biological sciences department! (On hold til further notice due to Covid-19).

Smartphones and Cognition: Recruitment is finished for this study.

Schwaiger, E. & Tahir, R. (2020). Nomophobia and its predictors in undergraduate students of Lahore, Pakistan, Heliyon, 6 (9) doi:

Link to full article: