The Campus Counseling Center is a facility that provides help to members of the FCCU to deal with concerns under consideration which they may not want to discuss with family, friends or with teachers. The center provides individual and confidential counseling and may refer students to other professionals if needed. This center does not deal with academic advising but with personal, social and emotional issues that students face in their lives.

When do you need to see a Counselor?

Many of us when in need of help, sort out their problems by talking to friends, family members or instructors. But there are times when this is not enough, and you really need to seek help or maybe feel like talking to someone and want this to be confidential; that is when one should approach a Counselor.

What kind of issues can be helped through counseling?

As mentioned above, personal, emotional and behavioral concerns can be helped through counseling. This may include anxiety, lack of motivation, lack of concentration, family issues, relationship issues, identity issues, peer pressure, adjustment issues, copying with exams, copying with stress, procrastination, anger management, bereavement, smoking cessation, drugs, self-harm, bullying and harassment. This list is not exhaustive. You may seek help for any psychological or behavioural problems. Counselors won’t help you deal with academic issues: academic advising and career counseling.

Who can benefit from this service?

This service is available free of cost for all currently enrolled students, active staff/faculty members and for the residents of FCCU as well.

How can you approach the Counselor?

In order to get scheduled with the counselor, you may

  1. Approach us in person, by visiting the Campus Counseling Center located on the first floor in Mercy Health Center. You may fill the ‘pre-counseling form’ available at the CCC reception desk. This form enables us to place you with an appropriate counselor as quickly as possible, based on your and the counselor’s availability.
  2. Approach us over the official email, by downloading the pre-counseling form by clicking here and emailing us the form at
  3. Approach us over the official contact number, by texting, or calling us on 0331-444-1518 so we could schedule you.

Is this confidential?

Yes, whatever is addressed and noted down including what you put in the pre-counseling form is confidential, nothing will be revealed to anyone inside and outside the center. Except in the following circumstances, the Counselor reserves the right to break confidentiality.

  • If the Counselor assesses that you might harm yourself.
  • If the Counselor assesses that you might harm someone else.

How long does a session last?

Typically, a session lasts for around 45 minutes, but there are times when shorter or longer sessions are arranged depending on the nature of the concern. A course of 12 sessions is offered to members of the Forman community who sign up for counseling. The number of sessions can be increased or decreased depending upon the assessment of the counselors and the need of the counselees.

Does my concern have to be a severe one to see a Counselor?

No, many personal and emotional concerns can be brought up to the counselor. Everyone has the right to make the best out of her/his life. Seeking counseling is about making positive choice to get help that you need. Please don’t wait until a concern turns into a problem. Let’s address it when something is relatively milder, so that it can be handled in a timely manner.

Can I change my Counselor if I want?

The authority to make a referral to another counselor rests solely with the student’s assigned counselor. The referral can be made if at any point in time the counselor assesses that the goal of the counseling process has shifted and has ceased to be therapeutic in nature. If a counselee is hesitant in sharing certain issues and details regarding their concern with a counselor due to gender barriers or otherwise, then a referral can be made. In addition, counselors can also make a referral if they are scheduled to go on a leave of absence and believe that their counselees are still in need of continuing care.

What if I am concerned about someone else?

If you are concerned about a friend, or someone you know, you are welcome to have a single consultation session with the Counselor to discuss your concerns. However, we may not be able to see you immediately, but we will do our best. You may call, text or Whatsapp on 0331-444-1518 or email at regarding your concern.

Are there any other ways of approaching the Counselors? Can administrative staff or faculty members also refer students?

Yes. Administrative staff, Instructors or advisors may refer students to the CCC by either personally bringing the student, or through emailing us on the official email.

What if more help is required than the Counseling center can provide?

If it is required, information is provided regarding the services available in the community. Referrals are made by the Counselor to a variety of psychological or psychiatric services in the community. Your Counselor would discuss this with you before making the referral. The CCC would not be responsible for either the assessment procedures or therapeutic interventions (e.g. medication) delivered by such external service providers.

What other services does the CCC provide?

The CCC provides the FCCU brief psychological assessment service, short term individual and group counseling, crisis intervention services, ongoing workshops and seminars on a variety of topics. Moreover, the CCC also provides its services to various departments (both academic and non-academic) on request, in the form of seminars and workshops. It also provides help in the form of bibliotherapy to the counselees. Books, articles, and handouts on various topics that are in the CCC’s book resource center are used for this purpose.