The Campus Counseling Center is yet another embodiment of the Motto of FCCU “By Love Serve One Another” in the context of student affairs. CCC is committed to serving the FCCU community with love and also manifesting the core values of FCCU on daily basis. Out of the seven core values the ones that CCC strongly adhere to at all times and situations are “Service’, ‘Community’ and ‘Respect’ for the ‘Dignity’ of each human being”. We serve the FCCU community with love and respect regardless of the ethnic or cultural background, color, appearance, gender, nationality, ability or disability and religious beliefs. All the counselors and the staff are mindful and committed to the professional standards and ethics of the mental health profession.
The CCC provides the FCCU community brief psychological assessment, short term counseling, crisis intervention services and on going seminars and workshops.
It also provides bibliotherapy to the members of FCCU community. There are some books and articles in CCC’s resource center that are used for this purpose. Moreover, under the banner of outreach program, CCC is geared towards providing services to various departments (both academic and non-academic) on request in the form of seminars and workshops.


The mission of CCC is to help the members of the FCCU community build a trusting therapeutic relationship with the staff and counselor, thus leading to an open and honest sharing of the concern under consideration. CCC aspires to make its services known to the Forman community so that people could make informed decisions about counseling. The mission of CCC is also to serve the members of FCCU community without any prejudice and discrimination. Moreover, helping them to learn and build the necessary skills to deal with the problem leading to an overall well being.


Our Vision is to constantly strive for excellence, so that it is recognized for foreseeing the needs of the students, faculty and staff and making the need based adjustment, providing primary emotional and mental health to the FCCU community. Furthermore, it visualizes in creating a physical and psychological environment so that whoever comes to CCC feels welcomed and safe. It is also establishing an atmosphere that promotes teamwork and continued professional development. Overall, CCC aims to build the environment of Forman that is conducive to psychological and emotional health.


Core Functions of CCC

CCC’s core functions are to build a therapeutic relationship, provide an emotional and physical space for the FCCU community to share openly and honestly without the fear of judgment, assessing and identifying the concern under consideration while developing and executing an individualized counseling plan. The Center also arranges seminars and workshops that assists in the overall well being of the community.