‘The purpose of human life is to serve, and to show compassion, and the will to help others.’   -Albert Schweitzer

Campus Counseling Center is starting support group therapy. Group therapy will help you understand your concerns while you listen and share with others. Sharing about oneself and listening to others in a supportive environment will aid you in seeking a different perspective, while learning from others and propelling you to well-being.

Group therapy sessions begin from Monday 03 December 2018 on the following topics:

Group sessionsResource personDaysTime
Anger ManagementDr. Ivan SuneelMondays4:00 PM
Anxiety ManagementMs. Sarah AnthonyTuesdays4:00 PM
Social SkillsMs. Amber IjazWednesdays4:00 PM
BullyingMs. Aisha AteeqThursdays3:00 PM
Smoking CessationMr. Arman AhmedFridays4:00 PM


Each support group will have a counselor that will act as a facilitator in the group. A minimum of 4 members need to sign up for each group to roll. A 60-minute group session will take place.

Sessions for respective topics will take place on the mentioned days for all upcoming weeks until the end of Fall semester.

For more information or to sign up, please visit, Campus Counseling Center (first floor, Mercy Health Center).

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