Every year, Career Services Office hosts an annual Job Fair which includes a carnival of various well reputed companies from many different industries. Every year, these companies get into conversation with students and recruit students that applied. However, this time, set of events were a bit different. Not only did the meet-and-greet nature stay applicable, a whole new and very important conversation was taking place, side by side. This conversation, that was hosted by Mariam Khalid a renowned professor from the School of Management, revolved around “Bridging the gap between academia and the job world/industry”. While various professors, students and esteemed guests gave their input on the idea, we also had company representatives weigh in on the topic. As a result we concluded that the gap between industry and academia is a gap that needs to be filled, as not only do the students feel more connected to the job world that way, the companies also feel like employees would be rather approachable when the gap is filled. This discussion was also filmed.

Other than that, the job fair faced an outstanding amount of footfall this time. Over 1600 students visited and 108 companies had their stalls put up. One student very rightfully pointed out that “This is the first job fair that is actually offering jobs right away”. Various students dropped off their resumes and felt excited about their prospects. Through a format as such, students got the opportunity to attract with the companies they always wanted to work for. Similarly, the companies got to interact with potential employees and they too got to clear out any disparities they might have had.  The concerns raised by humanities students were addressed as they would like to see more companies centered on humanities and research. 

All in all, the Job Fair 2020 gained more recognition than previous Job Fairs, probably prompted by the important discussion around “bridging the gap between industry and academia” and the increase in companies that participated. We hope to keep getting better and better every year and to cater to as many students as possible. 

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