The following guidelines must be followed while designing publications for the University to maintain consistency and clarity.

Publications must always use American English. Simple and easy to understand language should be used, and verbosity should be avoided. Content must be thoroughly edited and proofread for mistakes before being published. Copyrighted content should be avoided, and when used it should have proper citation. Content should be well organized and coherent with an introduction, helpful breaks (chapters, subsections, paragraphs), and a conclusion. It should be clear, logical and interesting.

Images should be used appropriately but stock and copyrighted images should be avoided. Photos taken by the official University photographer may be used. Tables, graphs, and illustrations should be used where needed. Publications meant for students should clearly state what they are expected to do and where they need to go.

Publications must display the approved University logo prominently. If a secondary logo needs to be used, it must be placed at distance from the FCCU logo, with its size being slightly smaller than the FCCU logo. University departments that have their own logos may use them on special publications with approval from the Office of Communications and Publications. In catalogs, magazines, newsletters, the logo must also be placed on the back cover along with the University contact information. All publications must go through the Communications and Publications Office, and they may be edited for clarity, consistency and policy.

The University reaches out to many audiences through its publications. While each of the University’s departments, and academic and administrative units has its own special strengths, each is part of the same institution. The use of a clear, consistent writing style for all publications produced by and for the University reinforces this fact and helps to present the University to its audiences in a consistent and professional manner.