FCCU’s logos are the intellectual property of the university so it is essential that you do not alter the artwork in any way. You can reproduce the FCCU logo from the original logos listed below.

The logo must be used as a prominent graphic on all print and digital materials that are affiliated with FCCU.

Primary Logo


The primary logo should be the first choice for use on University communications. A few variations in the logo have been introduced to allow for use on different materials.

Italian Trulli

Vertical Logo


This logo can be used on materials where space is limited or when the FCCU needs to be used together with other organizations’ logos (such as in sponsorship).

Italian Trulli



The university seal is a representation of the authority held by the university and its use is permitted only at the discretion of the Rector’s Office. The seal is only used for official purposes. For permission to use the seal, write to



Use of the FCCU logo in FCCU blue should always be the first preference. The logo can also be used in black and white if the blue color does not work or is not available.

The logo can be used in the following colors:


Italian Trulli

Blue 12, 25, 117 90%, 79%, 0%, 54% #0c1975

Black 0, 0, 0 0%, 0%, 0%, 100% #000000

Italian Trulli

Unacceptable Variants


It is essential that members of the FCCU community maintain the integrity of the FCCU logo. The logo cannot be distorted, redrawn or modified in any way. It is not permissible to use the logo with incorrect fonts, colors or in combination with unapproved graphic elements.

Color Variants

  Italian Trulli Italian Trulli Italian Trulli Italian Trulli

Use of FCCU Logo by External Organizations


Any organization or entity outside of the university wishing to use the logo must have prior approval and must use it in accordance with the guidelines mentioned above. To request approval to use the FCCU logo, write to

Vendors who have worked with the university can use the name of the university as a client in their marketing materials but cannot imply that FCCU recommends them. Vendors cannot use the FCCU logo.

In materials where partnerships, sponsorships or any other strategic relationships need to be recognized, the FCCU logo can be used only with prior approval and should be separated from the FCCU by at least half an inch. The affiliates’ logo should not be given distinction over the FCCU logo.