Editorial Guidelines

Target Audience

Primary Audience


The two broad categories are prospective and current. Students can be further divided into Intermediate, Baccalaureate, Postgraduate and Executive Education segments. FCCU attracts students from both urban and rural areas of Pakistan as well as abroad. The largest segment is from Punjab.


FCCU has a very large (over 24,000 members) registered alumni association. These are not only essential in spreading positive word-of-mouth about FCCU but are also an important donor segment.

Secondary Audience


Parents are an important target segment, particularly for Intermediate. Also for most prospective students parents are an important influence on decision making since they finance their education.

Donors (Friends of FCCU)

Being a not-for-profit, FCCU requires the help of numerous donors, and is able to sustain its objective of providing the resources the students need for a world class education. Donors need to stay informed of university activities. They also need to be motivated to interact and build a long lasting relationship with the university.

University Name

The university’s name can only be written in the first reference made to it in any official document as Forman Christian College (A Chartered University) The university may be referred to only as either of the following terms after the first reference: University
The University
The university’s…


The use of the following keywords in print and digital materials is encouraged to develop materials that are consistent with the FCCU brand and the messaging we would like to send to external audiences. These words can be used in accordance with the tone of the material being produced and the audience it is intended for.

  • American style, liberal arts education
  • FCCU
  • University
  • Premier seat of education
  • Legacy
  • Transformative
  • Distinguished
  • Research -oriented
  • Vibrant
  • Diverse
  • Inclusive
  • Safe
  • Promising
  • Multifaceted
  • Modern
  • Innovative