The 4th FCC Individual Tennis (W) Championship concluded on 29 April 2016 with Ms Ayesha as the Winner, Ms Areeba Latif got Runner’s Up Trophy and Ms Rabia Mahboob Noon stood third. The championship began on 28 April 2016. The Chief Guest at the occasion was Mr Saleem Masih Asim, Head of History Department.  The results of the championship are as follows:

MatchesPlayed betweenWinner
1st SemifinalMs Ayesha Vs Ms Rabia Mahboob NoonMs Ayesha
2nd SemifinalMs Areeba Latif Vs Ms Syeda Sunbal KamalMs Areeba Latif
3rd PlaceRabia Mahboob Noon Vs Ms Syeda Sunbal KamalMs Rabia Mahoob Noon
Final MatchMs Ayesha Vs Ms Areeba LatifMs Ayesha



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