Attention all!

In light of recent events, security has been heightened in and around Lahore. To dispel false rumors circulating about the security situation, we wish to clarify that while these rumors are baseless, the Government is concerned for the security of all educational institutions, like Forman Christian College and has advised us to put in place additional security measures, such as an increase in the number of armed guards around campus.

Please note that in case of an actual security situation, we would alert all of you and not put any member of the FCC community at risk.

One of these additional security measures is closing the Zahoor Elahi Gate for all pedestrian and vehicular traffic. Security guards have been asked to be more vigilant, so whether an employee, student, resident or vendor, you must visibly display your ID card. You may also be checked at various points on the campus.
Please note that the University campus will be closed for all students at 7:30 pm. Evening classes will be held as scheduled.Campus visitors’ movement is restricted to their designated areas. Campus residents are also advised to get their Biometric ID cards made. Residents must inform the Security Office about any guests staying overnight.

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