• Preserve and enrich the historical knowledge of Partition in crowd proportions
  • Analyze the past and prevailing rhetoric surrounding the Partition
  • Provide free access to the stories through an online Harvard SAI Partition portal

Why Become an Ambassador 
**Anyone can join!**
All successful candidates will receive a certificate of appreciation with dates of participation from Harvard University South Asia Institute, recognizing their contribution in the project. Candidates will also receive a Human Subjects Research Ethics Training Certificate as part of the program. This is an unpaid program.


Role of Ambassador
The project seeks to collect accounts of the Partition. From you, someone you know who lived through the Partition, or anyone who knew someone who lived through Partition. (E.g. anyone 84 years old, their friend, or relative.. yes grandchildren too!)

In order to complete the Partition Project Ambassador Internship, you must do ONE of following:

  • Complete 10 interviews and provide corresponding transcript and translation, OR
  • Complete 20 interviews and provide a 1/2-1 page summary of the interview

Please do the following by Saturday 10 June 2017:

  • Complete NIH training and send us the certificate
  • Submit 2 stories + transcription/summary

The rest can be completed by Friday 30 June 2017.

Time Commitment:

  • Time for interview training: ~2 hours = reading protocol + NIH training
  • Time for interviews: Interviews are roughly 30-60 minutes
  • Time for coordinating interviews: Roughly 1 hour per interview

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