Oxfam in Pakistan is organizing Social Innovation Challenge 2019 (SIC-2019) to seek innovative solutions from university students to the development challenges faced by Pakistan. SIC-2019 is a unique opportunity for young people studying in different universities of Pakistan to think and incubate ideas that are innovative and effective.

The Social Innovation Challenge will be a one-day event hosted at The National Incubation Center, Islamabad in which graduating students from the universities in Pakistan will present their ideas and solutions to given problem statements. The problem statements could be derived from Country Strategy, SDGs or keeping any innovation funding call in view. Students will be asked to come up with solutions in groups and give presentations to a group of panelists. The panel will be comprised of academicians, Oxfam staff/technical experts, and other civil society and private sector representatives. Top three selected ideas will be given prizes/awards. After piloting the top three ideas for 6-12 months, Oxfam will reach out to institutional donors, foundations, and corporations for funding and for scale-up.

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