The University of MalayaMalaysia is offering a Semester  abroad with International Tuition Fee that is $ 1000/- for one semester

The tuition fee will be paid to Host institution i.e. University of Malaya, Malaysia.

The cost of living and other expenses including Airfare will be borne by the student.

Credit hours will be acknowledged by FCCU

We are pleased to inform you that the e-inbound application for Semester I, 2019/2020 Session (September 2019 intake) will be open from 1 March 2019 (9.00 a.m.) until 30 April 2019 (11.55p.m.).

The students can visit the online application link at  or visit the website at for the application.

Eligibility to Apply

  • Registered as an active student at home university
  • Have completed at least one academic year of study at home university
  • Nominated officially by home university (an official coordinator’s full name and email address is required)
  • Have good academic standing with CGPA not less than 3.0 or equivalent;
  • Have good command of English in speaking and writing

Important Documents for e-inbound application

  • Recent Passport Size Photograph (unaltered by computer software)
  • Latest Academic Result/Transcript certified by the home university
  • English language Examination Result certified by the home university
  • (IELTS/TOEFL/TOEIC/others) OR Medium of Instruction Letter (You can take it from academic office)
  • Support Letter from Home University (Contact International Education Office)

It is the student’s responsibility to make sure the online form is filled up accordingly.  Please note that incomplete application will not be processed and is considered unsuccessful.

Important Note

  • The courses listed in the e-inbound system are final at the time the e-inbound system is activated however there may be slight changes during the beginning of the semester due to undisclosed reason.
  • University of Malaya from time to time will notify home university’s coordinator with regards to any matter related to student exchange programme.
  • All fees charged to the student will be stated in the offer letter issued by University of Malaya. University of Malaya will not be responsible for any service fees charged by any third party.
  • The guideline for UMSEP is provided in the e-inbound system.

Formanites: Kindly keep International Education Office posted about your application process if you are applying. 

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