If you are looking to get real world professional experience, apply for the exclusive Inspiring women’s Internship Fellowship program (IWIFP).

The fellowship program is associated with many benefits for students including:

Real world experience – Under the IWIFP, an intern will not merely do mundane work but be part of a carefully developed programme in their interested sphere of work to gain actual work experience.

Networking – Internships often give the student opportunity to attend meetings and events. By interacting with professionals, they gain new connections and learn how to communicate in a professional environment.

CV builder – Internships are key to building experience as a student or recent graduate. Employers are much more likely to hire someone with internships and work experience rather than someone lacking experience.

Career foundation – Internships provide the student with the building blocks that they need for their future. Many internship opportunities help set the foundation for a career.

The main goal of the fellowship program is to encourage and prepare graduating female students for professional world.

Inspiring women hopes to be the stepping stone for young girls to move seamlessly from education to employment.

The application process, criteria and deadline are provided below.

General Eligibility Requirements:

To qualify for inspiring women’s Internship Fellowship program one must be enrolled in a relevant undergraduate (Juniors & Seniors preferred) academic program with partnered university.

How to Apply:

Please click here to register


The deadline of the submission of application form is 20th of April 2019.

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