The Global Entrepreneurship Summer School (GESS) is a seven-day program where 140 university students come together in Munich, Mexico City, Shanghai and Cape Town to develop entrepreneurial solutions that meet the world’s biggest challenges. In the spirit of promoting “billion-dollar projects to foster societal change”, we work on the UN Sustainable Development Goals aiming to empower students to become young responsible leaders who create positive change in our society.

Who can apply?
All undergraduate and graduate students, aged 18 – 35, from all fields (e.g., design, computer science, business economics, humanities, social sciences) are welcome to apply. You must be enrolled at a university at some point during the calendar year. For example, if you are only enrolled until February, you can still apply even though you will not be enrolled in September. Our enrollment policy also applies to graduate applicants, including MBA and PhD students.

Tuition fee

We charge a non-refundable tuition fee of EUR 119.00 per selected participant. Paying the tuition fee on time is a requirement for participating in GESS. Fees are to be paid via the mentioned account upon being selected, and applicants are responsible for covering any associated transfer fees, if applicable

Costs covered

During the program, the following costs are covered for all participants:

  • Full board for 7 days (i.e. meals).
  • Accommodation in shared rooms for a maximum of 8 nights.
  • On-site transportation (via public transit) to the locations of GESS activities.

​​You are responsible for covering any additionally occurring costs that are not mentioned here (e.g. insurance, any activity engaged in during free-time, etc.).

For further details on how to apply, click here

Deadline for Formanites :06  April 2018. 

Note: Kindly submit documents in hard copy to International Education Office if you are applying.

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