Drop-In Academic Advising Service

The Academic Advising Center (AAC) is open to all undergraduate students.

We offer advising sessions on a drop-in basis from 10am to 3pm, lunch break excluded. Monday-Friday (excluding holidays). While our office will be busy throughout the day, waiting times for students in the mornings will be usually shorter. Students are welcome to make appointments as well.


Can’t drop by? Not on campus?

We do encourage in-person advising sessions if you are able to come into our office.

If you are not able to come in, we can answer less complicated questions via email (e.g. academicadvising@fccollege.edu.pk), often within 24 hours. Please remember to send us your questions and request for appointments from your FCC Official email account and mention your contact number on which the Academic Advisor/ Student Support Officer can contact you..

Students will receive a call from an Academic Support Officer if required.


The student appointments are scheduled in advance whereas walk in meetings are done on a first-come-first serve basis.

Student Academic Support Service

Academic Advising Center will offer Advising Sessions to students and will discuss their roadmap/ path to academic success. This includes:

  • choosing or changing their degree elements  (such as declaring a major, minor, concentration or specialization)
  • learning to read and understand their audit to review their degree requirements
  • explore the academic difficulties they may be experiencing and looking at ways to develop a plan to get themselves back on track
  • Understanding academic Rules and Policies, such as Registration Policies, Exemptions and Credit, Withdrawal. Overload, Semester Freeze, Academic Dismissal and Readmission, Academic Probation etc.

Academic Audit

Your audit is your ‘road map’ to academic success. It tells you the courses you are required to take in order to complete your degree at Forman Christian College.

Be sure to look at your audit often to make sure you are on the right track. The audit will inform you of the progress you have already made, as well as show you the courses you will need to take in the future.

Remember, YOU are the one responsible for making sure your requirements have been met to graduate!

The audit can tell you information such as:

  • your degree title and requirements
  • year-standing (Freshmen, Sophomore, Junior or Senior)
  • courses you have previously taken or ones you are currently registered in, along with the grade for the completed courses
  • your Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA)
  • your academic standing

The audit is an important tool in determining the courses you will have to take in order to meet your requirements to graduate. It shows your academic history and current academic status, as well as outlines outstanding courses and credits that you still need for graduation.

Learning to do your Degree Audit with your Advisor and understand your audit will help to ease any confusion or concerns you might have about your degree requirements.

Remember: Your audit with your Advisor is not an official document.

Departmental Advisors

Departmental academic advising is offered to students who have specific questions about their current degree program. For this very purpose we have Academic Advisors for each Department. They can answer program-specific questions such as:

  • Assistance with course selection
  • Major/ Degree Requirements
  • Information on prerequisites, cross-listed courses etc.
  • Equivalencies and substitutions
  • Information on internships