Forman Christian College provides hostel facilities for approximately 1,000 students who live outside Lahore. We have four Intermediate Hostels and four for Baccalaureate students.  Each of the hostels has its own mess (dining hall) facilities. Since space is limited, students should apply as early as possible. Various activities are organized within the hostels for students and they have guidelines and procedures specific to them. Any questions regarding the hostels can be directed to the Chief Warden. The Hostel Office is located in the hostel area between Kennedy Hall and Griswold Hall.

 On-campus hostels:

  1. Boys Intermediate students
    Griswold Hall
    Kennedy Hall
    Newton Hall
    Velte Hall
  2. For Baccalaureate students (Male Sophomores)
    Sherazi Hall
    West Hall
  3. For female students
    Hope Tower 

Off-campus hostels:

       Baccalaureate students (Male Freshmen)

  1.  Ewing Hall

Admission to FCC does not guarantee hostel space. The admitted students need to fill a separate hostel form to secure space in the hostel. The merit list for the hostel is based on the scores of the admitted students. The single cubicle is allotted after an interview with the student and his parents.

Hostel expenses for the year 2015-2016

Single Occupancy:  Rs 66,000
Double Occupancy: Rs 50,000
Triple Occupancy:   Rs 33,500
Refundable security: Rs 15,000 (For newly admitted students only)

Meal Charges
Minimum meal charges (per month):  Rs 4,800 (for 44 meals – lunch-dinner) (Mandatory)

Optional Meals: 

Lunch/Dinner = Rs.109 each

Breakfast =Rs. 54.5 each

Note: The hostel annual occupancy fee is payable in two equal installments, 50% at the time of admission and the remaining 50% three months after payment of the first installment.

The occupancy fee is refundable if the student leaves during the academic year. (See hostel refund policy)

All dues are to be paid in the Accounts Office/HBL.