Campus Visitors

Visitors are welcome on our campus for many different functions. All visitors will be expected to register with security upon entering campus. Visitors need to deposit their NICs at the gate and receive visitors’ cards with the initials of the building they want to visit.

In the interest of safety and security, we ask that visitors who have been invited by students, be accompanied by the student at all times. This means that students should not invite visitors during times they should be in class or have other commitments. Students will be held responsible for the behavior of their guests and should be sure that their guests are aware of the expected standards of behavior.

Campus authorities reserve the right to ask that a visitor not be allowed to return to campus if his/her conduct causes disruption to campus activities or compromises the safety of the campus community in any way.

Non-students are not allowed to loiter on campus. If someone is coming to pick or drop a student, he/she should wait for that student in the parking area unless signed in as a visitor.