Baccalaureate Honors students at Forman Christian College take ACCUPLACER tests for a variety of reasons, including admissions, Intensive English Academic Program (IEAP) final exam, and Competency Exams.


Students applying for University admission to BA/BS (Hons), BS in Computing (BIT, BCS, BSSE), BS Business and BS Biotechnology are required to take the Forman Entrance Admissions Test (FEAT), which is comprised of three tests: ESL Language Use (grammar), ESL Reading Skills, and Arithmetic (whole numbers and fractions, decimals and percents, applications and problem-solving). Satisfactory performance on the FEAT is necessary for admission. Scores will also be used to determine placement into Mathematics courses.


Because English is the language of instruction at Forman Christian College, all students need to be proficient in English to thrive here. We offer a developmental English program for students who are weak in English. Based on their English scores on the FEAT ACCUPLACER, some students will be offered provisional admission to the university and be required to enroll in the year-long IEAP to improve their English reading, listening, writing, and speaking skills. At the completion of each semester of IEAP, students take four ACCUPLACER tests (plus a spoken test that is not part of ACCUPLACER) to determine their English proficiency: ESL Language Use (grammar), ESL Reading Skills, ESL Listening, and WritePlacer ESL.

Competency Exams

Baccalaureate Honors students must pass five competency exams to graduate.  Two of these exams are taken online through ACCUPLACER and offered periodically throughout the academic year (see academic calendar for dates of the exams and for registering for the exams). The Written English Competency Exam is comprised of the ESL Language Use (grammar) and the WritePlacer essay. For the Quantitative Skills Competency Exam, students take an extended 40-question diagnostic version of the Arithmetic test. See the study guide for more information about the Competency Exams.


Help Preparing for ACCUPLACER

You can find more about ACCUPLACER here, including

The College Board suggests that “many students find that SAT Preparation or SAT review books are helpful in refreshing their basic skills” to prepare for ACCUPLACER.
You can find excellent additional help at the following websites (Forman Christian College assumes no responsibility for the content of these independent sites):



[focus only on the Fundamental Mathematics section]

Taking the Forman Entrance Admission Test (FEAT) ACCUPLACER is a requirement for all applicants either applying or transferring to FCC’s BA (Hons), BS (Hons), BS (Hons) Biotechnology, BS (Hons) Bioinformatics, BS (Hons) Computing and BS (Hons) Business. The scores from FEAT ACCUPLACER will combine with BISE Intermediate/A Level/ or equivalent degree scores and other factors to determine admission at FCC as well as English and Mathematics course placements. Applicants are not allowed to bring any stationary or cells/mobiles in the examination hall.

In order to appear for FEAT ACCUPLACER test, the applicants must bring their FEAT ACCUPLACER Seat Slip issued by the Admission’s Office with a stamp on the applicant’s picture.

Applicants are eligible to Retake for FEAT ACCUPLACER if he/she;

  • Was not expelled from the test
  • Has submitted the FEAT fee again
  • Has the required documentation: original FEAT ACCUPLACER Retake Slip (issued from Assessment and Institutional Research Office), Paid fee challan for Retake FEAT
  • There will be no retake during the test sessions for the first-time test takers
  • Each eligible applicant will be allowed to take one Retake
  • Retake fee will be refunded if Retake Test is canceled


  • Retake FEAT ACCUPLACER is a privilege, not a right
  • Prospects wishing to do so must submit Rs 1200 to Habib Bank Ltd or Accounts Office, F.C. College, Lahore
  • Bring their original FEAT ACCUPLACER Slip (issued from Admission’s Office) and the Issuing Office copy of Rs 1200 of the fee challan to the Office of Assessment and Institutional Research (Ahmad Saeed Administration Building – Room # 125)
  • The Assessment and Institutional Research (AIR) Office will issue a FEAT ACCUPLACER Retake Slip which will be the seating plan for the exam for the applicant

The prospect is not eligible for a fee refund in the following cases:

  • Missing the test due to lack of proper documentation to appear in the test
  • Missing the assigned date or time
  • Missing the test due to late appearance
  • Expulsion from the test center