FCC participates in Punjab Olympics, other tournaments

The Punjab Olympic Games (Inter-Collegiate) were held from 15-19 October 2011 at the Punjab Stadium, Lahore. FCC students and teams gained the following distinctions:

Athletics Bronze Medal: Hassan Naseer (16-04437) in 100m
Bronze Medal: Fahad Khalid (17-02337) in High Jump
Badminton (singles) 2nd place: Hassan Raza (17-06205)
Volley Ball 2nd place: FCC
Hand Ball 3rd place: FCC
Table Tennis (singles) 3rd place: Habeeb Ahmad Malik (17-04218)
Tennis 3rd place: FCC


In addition, FCC teams participated in Football, Rugby, Rowing and Weight Lifting in the Punjab Olympics.

In the Lahore Board Inter-Collegiate Sports 2011-12 Program, Waseem Masih (16-01713) won the Bronze Medal in Body Building and the FCC Basketball team placed 3rd. This is the first time that our Basketball team has won a medal since denationalization.

In the Intramural Table Tennis Championship 2011-12 held from 15-17 November 2011, Aurangzeb House (Senior) defeated Babar House (1st year) in the Final.