Zeeshan Bhutta

Chairperson and Assistant Professor of Management

MBA (LUMS, Lahore); MA (GCU, Lahore)
Room # 303, Business and Social Sciences Building
Ext: 384

Dr Aamir Ali Chughtai

Professor of Organizational Behavior

Post-Doctorate (Dublin City University, Ireland)
PhD (Dublin City University, Ireland)
MPhil (LSE, Lahore)
MA (Punjab University, Lahore)

Dr Farid A Malik

Professor of Operations Management

PhD (Union Institute, Cincinnati, USA) MSc (Arizona, USA)

Wasif M Khan

Professor of Entrepreneurship and Management Control

MPPM (Yale University School of Management, USA) MSME (Oregon State University, USA)

Sufian Mazhar

Associate Professor of Management Information Systems and e-Business

MBA (MIS & Finance, McGill)
BSc Civil Engineering (UET)

Dr Rao Raza Hashim

Assistant Professor of Business Law & Ethics

PhD (University of Warwick, UK) LLB, LLM (University of Warwick, UK)

Dr Zia-ur-Rehman

Assistant Professor of Finance

PhD (Dongbei University of Finance and Economics, China)

Muhammad Salman Bilal

Assistant Professor of Operations Management

PhD Scholar (UET, Pakistan) MSc EM (UET, Pakistan) MSc EE (UET, Pakistan)

Irtifa Nasir

Assistant Professor of Marketing

MAdv (University of Florida, USA)

Bilal Hussain Awan

Assistant Professor of Accounting

Associate ICAP

Mariam Khalid

Assistant Professor of Business & Economics

MA (University of Manchester, UK)

Romel John

Assistant Professor of Management

PhD Business Administration Candidate (Superior University)
MBA (Forman Christian College (A Chartered University)

Dr Bushra Usman

Assistant Professor

PhD Business and Entrepreneurship (National University of Malaysia, Malaysia)

Maryyam Khan

Assistant Professor of Marketing/ Director Executive Education

MPhil Leading to PhD (Finance and Management); MBA (Lahore School of Economics, Lahore)

Syed Shoaib Nazir

Assistant Professor

PhD MIS Scholar (University of Phoenix, Arizona, USA)
M.Eng Computer Systems (SSUET, Pakistan)

Asim William George

Assistant Professor

PhD Scholar (University of Lahore, Lahore); MSc Financial Management, (Middlesex University, UK) Specialization in Financial Management for Small and medium Enterprises; BCom (Hons) (Punjab University, Lahore) Specialization in Accounting and Finance

Faiza Tasneem (Associate CIPD)

Assistant Professor

MSc (International Human Resource Management-Birmingham City University-UK)
MA (English-University of the Punjab)
Ext: 275

Atif Nawaz Mughal

Assistant Professor

MSc Engineering Business Management (University of Warwick, UK)

Umar Sharif

Assistant Professor

MSc Banking and Finance (Queen Mary University of London, UK)

Syeada Tatheir Zahra Kazmi


MSc Business Management, (University of Central Lancashire, UK) Specialization in Human Resource Management; BCom (Hons), (Punjab University, Lahore) Specialization in Accounting and Finance

Andrew John (ACA)

Chief Financial Officer and Adjunct Faculty

Chartered Accountant (Associate of Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan)
Qualified Person Responsible for Training (Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales)
Attended International trainings on Budgeting and Finance in USA​
Room # 037, Ahmad Saeed Administration Building
Ext: 211