Abdul Hameed
Chairperson, Associate Professor
MPhil (GCU, Lahore), MSc (PU, Lahore)
Co-author of a book on Psychology “Nafsiyat” published by Urdu Science Board, Lahore; Founder member “Bazm-e-Nafsiyat: An organization for the  promotion of indigenous Psychology in Pakistan; Associate Institute of social sciences, Lahore: Designing and implementing Research Projects as well as organizing and facitating workshops

Aisha Ateeq
Assistant Professor and Student Counselor
MSc (Middlesex University, UK), MSc (PU, Lahore)

Ivan Suneel Samuel
Assistant Professor
MS (GC, Lahore), MSc (PU, Lahore), ADCP (PU, Lahore)
Worked at a drug rehabilitation center for 6 years giving therapy to the patients and counseling family members of drug dependents; often delivers lectures and conduct workshops at GCU, PU and BNU; areas of specialization include Clinical Psychology especially drug dependence; joined FCC in 2010
Research interest: Cross-cultural research especially the manifestation of symptoms of psychological disorders in the cultural context

Fahad Rahman
MA (Columbia University, USA)
Fulbright Scholar; worked as a Peer Counselor Fellow at International House, New York, and as a graduate student member of the American Psychological Association (APA) at United Nations Headquarters; experience in counseling students with various academic, work, relationship, and emotional issues; A Level teaching experience at Headstart High School.
Research interests: Counseling psychology; social psychology; psychology of gender, identity, and groups

Anita Saleem
MS/MPhil (BNU, Lahore)
Worked as trainee Clinical Psychologist with adults and children at Jinnah Hospital and Fatima Memorial Hospital respectively; has taught BSc (Hons) and MSc students at BNU; over four years experience as feature writer for Daily Times and Pakistan Today; joined FCC in 2012.
Research interest: Social, consumer and media psychology

Nazia Asif Takkhar
MS (GCU Lahore)
Worked with mentally challenged children, psychiatric patients, mainstream school children and juveniles for 2 years, as a trainee Clinical Psychologist; specialized in Clinical Psychology; has previous experience of leadership responsibilities, organizing and arranging events for Armacost Psychology Society at FCC.
Research interests: Clinical, Social and Forensic Psychology.