Kamran Azhar
Assistant Professor & Chairperson
MPhil (NCBA&E, Lahore)
MSc (PU, Lahore)
Worked on Robinson Schensted Knuth Correspondence using Growth Diagrams in MPhil; joined FCC in 2003

Dr Wasiq Hussain
Professor Department of Mathematics
PhD Elastic Waves (University of Glasgow, UK)
MPhil Electromagnetic Waves (QAU, Islamabad)
MSc Applied Mathematics (QAU, Islamabad)
Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics, LUMS (1999- 2008); Graduate Tutorial Assistant, Department of Mathematics, University of Glasgow (1996-1999); lecturer, Department of Mathematics, QAU (1995-1995); lecturer, Department of Mathematics, Royal Institute of Engineering and Technology, Lahore (1995- 1995); Glasgow University Scholarship for PhD in Mathematics (1995-1998); Overseas Research Student award by UK Government for PhD in Mathematics (1995- 1998); awarded President’s and Chancellor’s gold medals for standing first in MPhil examination in QAU (1995); University Grants Commission Scholarship for MPhil (1993-1995); QAU scholarship for MSc studies (1991-1993); Best Teacher of Mathematics 2005-2006 (LUMS); reviewer IPSI-2005 Amsterdam Conference; reviewer International Journal of Modern Engineering (IJME); reviewer PIER (MIT Journal); member International Egyptian Engineering Mathematics Society (IEEMS).
Research interest: Elastic waves

Dr Ronald McCartney
Professor of Mathematics
PhD (University of Exeter, UK)
MA (University of Ulster, Coleraine, UK)
Fellow of the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications; eight articles in academic journals, two published conference proceedings, four research reports; joined FCC in 2008.
Research interest: Topology

Dr Ahmad Mahmood Qureshi
Dean Faculty of Information Technology and Mathematics, Associate Professor
PhD (Abdus Salam School of Mathematical Sciences, GCU, Lahore)
MSc Computer Science (UET, Lahore)
MSc Mathematics (PU, Lahore)
MEd (PU, Lahore)
PGD Statistics and Computer Programming (PU, Lahore)
Post-doctoral fellow, Abdus Salam School of Mathematical Sciences; Deputy Coordinator National Science Talent Contest (Mathematics); Deputy Leader of Pakistan at IMO, 2005 (Mexico), 2006 (Slovenia), 2007 (Vietnam), 2009 (Germany), 2010 (Kazakhstan), 2011 (The Netherlands).
Research interests: Graph Theory, Combinatorics

Dr Shabnam Malik
Assistant Professor
PhD (Abdus Salam School of Mathematical Sciences, GCU, Lahore)
MSc (PU, Lahore)
PGD Computer Science (Queen Mary College, Lahore)
Won 1st prize for paper presentation among PhD students in “2nd International Conference on Mathematics” at LUMS; awarded “The International Research Support Initiative Program Scholarship ” HEC Pakistan for Germany; awarded “HEC Indigenous fellowship program batch III”; made presentation at “2nd Istanbul Design Theory, Graph Theory and Combinatorics Conference” at Koç University, Istanbul, Turkey; made presentation at Institute for Research in Fundamental Sciences (IPM) Tehran, Iran; 2 papers published, 4 accepted and 1 submitted, all in international journals; joined FCC in 2009.
Research interests: Graph Theory, Combinatorics

Dr Nazish Shahid
Assistant Professor
PhD Mathematics (Abdus Salam School of Mathematical Sciences, GCU, Lahore)
MSc Mathematics (University of Punjab)
Joined FCC in 2012; HEC Indigenous PhD 5000 Fellowship Phase 5; outstanding performance award in Applied Mathematics in PhD Mathematics coursework; Gold Medal for standing first in MSc Mathematics (University of Punjab, Lahore); Gold Medal and Jalal-ud-Din Chughtai award for best student (BSc Mathematics); funded research visits: International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP) (Italy), Chulalongkorn University (Thailand), Universite Libanaise (Beyrouth, Lebanon), African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS) (Cape Town, South Africa); 11 international and 2 national research publications.
Research Interests: Quantum Statistical Mechanics, Fluid Dynamics, Dynamical System

Asim Nadeem
Assistant Professor
MS Math (University of Florida, USA)
MPhil (NCBA&E, Lahore)
MSc (Punjab University , Lahore)
Research interests: Optimization, Linear Algebra.

Faiza Jamil
MPhil (NUCES/FAST, Lahore)

Sadia Arif
MPhil (Punjab University , Lahore)
Visiting Lecturer in FAST-NUCES (2012-2013) and FCCU (2013),
Research Scholarship in M. Phil. from DPCC, PU (2011-2012), Merit scholarship in M.Sc. from Government of Punjab (2009-2010)
2 publications in International journals with non-zero IF.
Research Interest: Gravitational Theories, Astrophysics and Cosmology

Imrana Shafique
MPhil (University of the Punjab , Lahore)
BS (Hons) (University of the Punjab , Lahore)
Research Interest: Gravitation and Cosmology