Computer Science

Dr Atif Alvi
Associate Professor & Chairperson
PhD Computer Science (University of Cambridge, UK)
MS Computer Science (LUMS, Lahore)

Was faculty at LUMS Computer Science Department for more than 5 years; at UET Electrical Engineering Department (as Computer Science specialist) for 2 years prior to joining FCC; supervised undergraduate and postgraduate students at Cambridge in various courses; has been working as consultant for Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB), Ali Institute of Education, Virtual University, Al-Khawarizmi Institute of Computer Science (KICS) at UET, and a local innovative startup company; authored several research publications in international conferences and journals; reviewer for and on technical program committees of many international conferences and journals.
Research interests: Pervasive/ubiquitous computing; formal verification of smart systems; linked data based energy management systems; technological and pedagogical aspects of education; innovative startup ideas for Pakistan

Dr Sarmad Abbasi
Associate Professor
PhD Computer Science (Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, USA)
Has several years’ experience of teaching and research at prestigious institutions.
Research interests: Theoretical computer science

Dr Aasia Khanum
Associate Professor
PhD Software Engineering (NUST, Rawalpindi)
14 years of teaching experience at prestigious post-graduate institutions of Pakistan, including NUST, IIEC, and Fatima Jinnah University; founding director of Emerging Technologies R&D Labs (ETL) and initiated several research proposals at NUST; served as Quality Assurance Officer (DCE) at College of E&ME (NUST) and focal person for quality certification of Computer Engineering programs from ISO 9001, HEC, and PEC; supervised over a dozen postgraduate theses and research; on review panel of several international conferences and journals; has published more than 40 papers in journals and conferences of international repute.
Research interests: Biomedical Computing, Intelligent Systems, and Affective Computing
HEC-approved PhD supervisor

Dr Mubashar Mushtaq 
Associate Professor
PhD Computer Science (Université de Bordeaux 1, France)
MS Computer Science (Université de Université de Bordeaux 1, France)
MSc Computer Science (Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad)
Has several years’ graduate and undergraduate level teaching and research experience. Has a number of research publications in international reputed journals and conferences.
Research interests: Multimedia Communications, User Generated Content Delivery, Next Generation Networks

Dr Saad Bin Saleem
Assistant Professor
PhD Software Security Maintenance (The Open University, UK)
MS Software Engineering (Blekinge Institute of Technology, Sweden)
Visiting research fellow at the department of computing and communications at the Open University, UK. Has worked as a guest lecturer at the University of East London, UK and as a System Developer at Skan-Norge AS, Norway. Has published one of the highly cited papers in the field of software release planning in the Journal of information and software technology, a book chapter in the Springer book on aspect oriented requirements engineering and two technical reports relevant to the planning of security requirements / bug fixes. Was a member of the British Computer Society and Requirements Specialist group from the year 2012 to 2013 and a member of the SECRET (Security Requirements Talks) group at the Open University, UK. Has participated in the 11th CREST open workshop on Search based Software Engineering at the University College London, UK and several workshops and conferences at the Open University, UK. Has tested the ReleasePlanner® tool of the Expert Decisions Inc., Canada for developing release plans and had an understanding with the company to use the tool for research projects.
Research Interests: Cyber defence at the software maintenance level; qualitative and quantitative analysis of security vulnerabilities and Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) bugs; developing techniques to maintain the security of software systems; automated tools for mining software repositories; evaluating the software maintenance process and empirical studies of software engineering.

Dr Nazim Ashraf
Assistant Professor
PhD Computer Science (University of Central Florida, USA)
MSc Computer Science (University of Central Florida, USA)

Doctoral thesis on view-invariant action recognition and camera calibration and its applications; has authored a number of research publications in international conferences and journals; has acted as a reviewer for international conferences; currently working on camera self-calibration and its applications.
Research interests: Computer vision; Image processing; machine learning

Dr Sarwan Altaf Abbasi
Assistant Professor
PhD Computer Science (Université de Paris (SUD-XI), France)
MS Computer Science (Université de Paris (SUD-XI), France)
MS (IT) (Hamdard University, Karachi)

Worked as Assistant Professor (Computer Science department) at Institute of Business Management (IoBM) Karachi; gold medallist in MS (IT) from Hamdard University Karachi; 8 years of teaching and supervisory experience; 2 years of professional industry experience; selected as an international volunteer for prestigious Nordic Usability conference NordiCHI, held in Oslo, Norway; four international (1 journal, 3 conference) publications and one French (conference).
Research interests: Usability, cognitive ergonomics, human-centred design, and application of human factors (HF) in technology and informatics

Saira Anwar
Assistant Professor
MS Computer Science (FAST-NU, Lahore)
MSc (PU, Lahore)

Has over 12 International and National Publications on her credit in Software Engineering and Bio-Statistics; currently working on Requirement Engineering Principles and Validity of Anti Patterns Approach in Software Requirements Engineering and Design; has more than 10 years of teaching experience; joined FCC in 2008
Research interests: Empirical studies, estimations, educational changes, curriculum update, bridging gap between industry and academia, design constraints and improving design quality

Shahid Mahmood
Assistant Professor
MSc Software Engineering (BTH, Karlskrona, Sweden)
MCS (University of Arid Agriculture, Rawalpindi)

Former Database Administrator (NADRA); has worked as Lecturer in Al-Khair University, IT Project &; Karakoram International University Northern Areas Pakistan and GCU; has been Assistant Director CS at GCU; 2 publications in international conference and workshop; joined FCC in 2008.
Research interests: Automated Test Data Generation Techniques, Requirements Engineering, UML

Muhammad Rauf Butt
Assistant Professor
MSc Mechatronics (UET, Lahore)
MS Computer Engineering (LUMS, Lahore)

PhD student, Computer Engineering, UET, Lahore; worked as HOD EE/CS at  University of South Asia; taught CS courses as visiting faculty at PUCIT, GCU, Lahore College University for Women; pursuing PhD in Machine Learning and Robotics from UET Lahore.
Research interests: Self Learning Robots, Integration of Embedded Systems in Consumer Appliances, Industrial Automation, Image and Video Processing.

Omer Khan
Assistant Professor
MS Computer Science (University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, USA)
Research Interests: Operating Systems and Programming Languages

Maria Tamoor
Assistant Professor
MS Computer Science (FAST-NU, Lahore)
Has five international publications in case-based reasoning; research associate in CRULP, FAST University Lahore; faculty member at Kinnaird College Computer Science Department for three years; taught as visiting faculty in renowned institutes including UMT and NFC.
Research interests: Artificial intelligence, machine learning

Saara Asif
Assistant Professor
MS Computer Science (FAST-NU, Lahore)
Over 5 years teaching experience at PUCIT, UMT and Kinnaird; currently working on application of CBR in autonomic computing; previously worked on method level integration for EAI.
Research interests: Genetic Algorithms for retention in CBR systems and relation of human cognition in the retrieval mechanisms of cases

Muhammad Salman Chaudhry
Assistant Professor
MS Electrical Engineering (LUMS, Lahore)
MS Computer Engineering (NUST, Rawalpindi)
His focus of study and research was image processing at NUST, and embedded systems at LUMS. Has published research papers in the field of digital image processing in an internationally recognized journal. Has taught various courses since 2006 as full time faculty member related to Computer Science and Engineering in NUST, LUMS, University of Lahore and University of South Asia. Has also worked as an Electrical Engineer in Packages Ltd. Lahore prior to his teaching career.
Research interests: Digital image processing, embedded systems

Fakhir Shaheen
Assistant Professor

MS Computer Science (NUCES-FAST, Lahore)
Research Interests: Game engine architecture, combinatorics, data structures, algorithms

Arslan Ahmar
MS (University of Ulm, Germany)

Umber Nisar
MS Computer Science (LUMS, Lahore)

Tahir Javaid
MS Software Engineering (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain)
After the completion of his undergraduate degree in Computer Science from LUMS, he worked as a software engineer at NetSol Technologies, and, subsequently, as a game developer at Tintash. At the same time, he also started Eucalyptus Developers, a small free-lance software agency in Lahore. After securing the Erasmus Mundus Scholarship in 2013, he began his Masters program in Madrid. During this time, he also worked as a Software Engineer at SoftTelecom, Madrid, and as a Collaborative Researcher at IMDEA Software Institute, Madrid, while working on his thesis, which focused on developing a benchmark for Android testing tools to streamline the verification and validation of Android applications. In addition he has completed individual research projects at Harvard Law School and Center of Theoretical Physics, MIT. In his free time, Tahir likes to read poetry, study philosophy, expand his understanding on colonial law and foreign relations, and play sports including cricket, soccer, table tennis and volley ball.
Research interests: Software engineering, software verification and validation, android testing, object-oriented techniques and design.

Sidra Minhas
MS Computer Software Engineering (National University of Sciences and Technology, Islamabad)
She is also a PhD candidate at NUST. Previously taught at Fatima Jinnah Women University, Rawalpindi and International Islamic University, Islamabad. Expertise includes robotics and hardware logic design, image analysis and processing, data mining, automated and machine learning and artificial intelligence. Currently working for developing an expert disease classification system using multimodal data.
Research interests: Biomedical computing, intelligent systems, robotics

Sameera Ghayyur
MS Computer Science (LUMS , Lahore)
She is also conducting research at LUMS.
Research interests: Distributed systems, privacy and security, computer vision

Zeeshan Haider Malik 
MSc Media Informatics in Human Computer Interaction (RWTH Aachen University, Germany)
Research interests: Usability Engineering, Software Engineering, Ontology Engineering and Software Project Management.