Office of the Rector

Rector’s Office

Dr James A Tebbe

Eileen N Dass
Executive Assistant to the Rector
Ext: 302

Vice Rector’s Office

Dr Joseph Jones
Vice Rector Academics
Ext: 311

Dr Sufian Aslam
Associate Vice Rector for Academic Affairs
Ext: 311

Mr William Alfred
Administrative Associate to Vice Rector
Ext: 311

Office of Assessment & Institutional Research

Dr Hamid Saeed
Acting Director, Professor Emeritus and Registrar Meritorious
PhD (Punjab University, Lahore)
Ext: 306

Shajeel Imran Khokhar
Assessment Officer
Ext: 323

Amoon Jawaid Austin
Institutional Research Officer
Ext: 323

Center for Learning & Teaching

Dr Rukhsana Zia
Ext: 325

Aun Haider
Ext: 325

Information Technology Office

Anthony Richards
Chief Information Officer
Ext: 337

Anum Shahzad
IT Services Coordinator
Ext: 350 & 337

Ghaus Muhammad
Manager Networks
Ext: 353

Syed Fahim-ud-Din
System Administrator
Ext: 353

Shahid Samson Samuel
Network Engineer
Ext: 353

Saqib Shaukat
Asst. Network Engineer
Ext: 353

Sohail Anwar
Manager Technology Support
Ext: 360

Gerald F Benjamin
IT Support Technician/Technology Support Engineer
Ext: 360

Shakir Khurshid Gill
IT. Business Analyst
Ext: 330

Financial Assistance 

Kamil Shamshad
Manager Financial Aid
Ext: 331

Vice Rector Intermediate’s Office

Dr C J Dubash
Vice Rector Intermediate
Ext: 367

Mr Zaigham Abbas
PA Vice Rector Intermediate
Ext: 367

Makhdoom Sarfraz
Coordinator Intermediate Program