Assessment and Institutional Research

The Office of Assessment and Institutional Research oversees continuous assessment activities that are done throughout university.  Our Quality Enhancement Cell (QEC) resides in the Office of Assessment and Institutional Research and meets the specifications of the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan. We supervise and facilitate quality assurance activities of academic departments. Through surveys and other social science research techniques we focus on important questions that the university uses as it makes strategic decisions about program improvement and resource allocation.

The Office of Assessment and Institutional Research aids the institution to make excellent decisions. We help answer questions like, “Who will succeed in our program so we can admit those students?”, “Are our students learning what we claim they are?”, and “How do our students fare in the marketplace and in higher studies after graduating from FCC?” [These questions are merely to illustrate what we research; we research much more that just these topics.] We seek to help faculty, staff, and other administrators make good decisions that are informed by data.

Mission Statement

To maximize quality by facilitating university-wide data informed decision-making.

Useful Information

Contact Us:

Ahmad Saeed Administration Building 125
Tel: 042-9923-1581-88, Ext: 323

Acting Director
Dr Hamid Saeed
PhD (Punjab University, Lahore)

Assessment Officer
Shajeel Imran Khokhar
BS (Hons) (Forman Christian College, Lahore)

Institutional Research Officer
Amoon Jawaid Austin
MBA (Forman Christian College, Lahore)