Refund Policy

College (Intermediate) Refund Policy

Tuition and fee charges, once paid are not refundable.

Students must apply for the refund of their security deposit immediately after leaving FC College. Claims for the refund of security deposit after three months will not be entertained. If a student leaves the college without informing the office to this effect in writing, he will have to forfeit his security deposit and will have to pay all fines and other outstanding fee.

University Refund Policy


Under HEC’s national level refund policy, tuition fees for the withdrawn semester will be prorated as under:

Withdrawing before the start of the semester or up to 7th day of convening of classes Full refund
Withdrawing from 8th to 15th day of convening of classes 50% refund
Withdrawing from 16th day of convening of classes or later No refund


Masters (MBA/MPhil/MS/Executive MA/PGD)

Under HEC’s national level refund policy, tuition fees for the withdrawn year be prorated as under:

Withdrawing before the start of the academic year or up to 15th day of convening of classes Full refund
Withdrawing from 16th to 30th day of convening of classes 50% refund
Withdrawing from 31st day of of convening of classes or later No refund


Hostel dues’ refund policy 

The hostel dues are charged in the following categories: Occupancy Charges and Meal Charges.
Occupancy is charged on an annual basis whereas meal charges are according to the meal plan adopted by each student.
The repayment/refund policy is:

HOSTEL/MESS Full refund less incidentals if any
MEAL CHARGES Refund of amount less number of meals consumed/dues outstanding effective 24 hours after provision of proper notice to stop meals.
INTERMEDIATE Full refund before commencement of College classes
Pro rata refund calculated for number of months remaining, if the student leaves the hostel officially before winter break.
BACCALAUREATE Full refund of current semester up to end of add/dropPro rata refund calculated for number of remaining months if the student leaves the hostel officially before Mid-Term (end of 8 weeks into the semester).No refund of hostel summer dues is applicable for existing continuing residents.
  • All refunds, including security deposits, will lapse after three months of leaving the college/university (obtaining the degree/result card/college leaving certificate).
  • Applications for refund should be submitted to the Accounts Office, by the student seeking refund, through their respective wardens.
  • The current month at the time of the refund will be treated on a fortnight basis.
  • Appeals against any award of refund by the Accounts Office, can be made only on the grounds of dispute information on record.
  • Appeals against refund-award/disputes must be made within 10 days of the award of refunds to the Hostel’s Appeals committee; comprising three members (CFO or his nominee, the Warden or Assistant Warden of the respective hostel and the chief warden or his nominee; in case the student is resident of the hostel of the Chief Warden an Assistant Warden from the other hostels would be co-opted as the third member).
  • Appeals on account of hardship do not fall under the purview of this committee.
  • The decision of this committee regarding the appeals will be deemed final and binding on both parties.


Security Refunds Terms & Conditions

  • Refund application forms are available at the Student Dealing Center
  • Students can apply for their college/University/ hostel security according to the following regulations:

For Intermediate section: within one year of date of result announcement
For University section: within one year of date of commencement

  • Refund will only be made in the form of Cheque (No cash payments will be made)
  • The student must bring a photocopy of his/her Security Refund application form to get the receiving/acknowledgment from the Student Dealing Desk.
  • Please attach original college I.D card and a photocopy of your transcript/College leaving certificate in case of leaving college during the term
  • Payments will be made after 20 working days. (Working days are exclusive of Saturdays, Sundays and gazetted holidays )
  • Cheque collection time is between 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm from Monday to Friday
  • Students must bring photocopies of their CNIC / B-Form at the time of Cheque collection
  • For cheque collection, applicants must visit the Accounts Office Room # 206 or he/she may nominate someone else to collect the cheque through an authority letter signed by the applicant. The authority letter must be accompanied by a properly crossed photocopy (crossed for the purpose of collecting security refund) of your CNIC. The authorized person shall bring his/her original CNIC and its copy with them
  • All particulars of application form are mandatory. Incomplete Applications will not be entertained in any case. While filing and application form for refund, students MUST read the terms and conditions carefully before signing
  • Students should know Bank account title of the account in which he/she wants to get the security refund. This information should be correct and student is advised to contact his/her banker first (if he/she is not sure about the same) to fill in correct information in the refund application form.
  • Students are advised to brief their parents (or any other person collecting cheques on their authority) about the timing of cheque collection to avoid any inconvenience.

If you do not get your cheque with in stipulated time (20 WORKING DAYS). You are advised to be patient and approach Receivable desk in the Accounts Office. We shall figure out whatever happened and shall see your cheque delivered to you as early as possible.