Department of Chemistry

Department of Chemistry

The Department of Chemistry is one of the oldest at Forman Christian College. Its rich tradition as a leading institution of the discipline is reflected by the eminent scholars of chemistry who served it. A special mention must be made of Prof Dr Carter Speers (1940-1951), Head of the Department and Professor of Technical Chemistry at the University of the Punjab; Dr R F Tebbe, an eminent Organic Chemist and learned scholar. He served the Department as Professor and later as Principal of the College for twelve years; and Prof Khairat M Ibne Rasa, an internationally known chemist, who was Professor of Organic Chemistry and Head of the Department.

Opportunities of professional careers for Chemistry Graduates are available in education, R&D organizations, Research, and a wide range of industries such as pharmaceutical, fertilizers, cement, leather, textile, paints and dyes, petroleum, sugar, soap and detergents, and many more.

The Department of Chemistry at FCCU currently offers BS (4-year), MPhil (2-year) and PhD (3-year) programs. It offers a wide range of courses in analytical, inorganic, organic, physical chemistry and biochemistry and other interdisciplinary areas.

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The BS (Hons) in Chemistry aims to train students intellectually and professionally to work in a variety of capacities and providing informed and skilled human resource and academics for local and international needs. Visit Baccalaureate (Hons) in Chemistry to find out more.

Postgraduate degrees in Chemistry prepare students to play productive roles in different capacities, such as educators, researchers and chemists. They also lay strong foundations for students who plan further education in Pakistan or abroad. Visit Postgraduate in Chemistry to find out more.

  1. Thermogravimetric Analyzer/ Differential Scanning Calorimeter (TGA/DSC)
  2. Benchtop 60 MHz NMR Spectrometer (1H, 13C, DEPT, COSY)
  3. High Pressure Liquid Chromatography (HPLC)
  4. Gas Chromatography with Mass Spectrometer (GCMS)
  5. Elemental Analyzer (CHNSO)
  6. Flash Chromatography
  7. Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer
  8. Flame Emission Spectrophotometer
  9. UV/Visible Spectrophotometers
  10. FTIR Spectrophotometer
  11. Digital Polarimeter
  12. Digital Densimeter
  13. Tablet Dissolution Test Apparatus
  14. Pellet Making Machine
  15. Autoclaves
  16. Muffle Furnaces
  17. Rotary Evaporators and Recirculating Chillers
  18. Microscopes
  19. Freeze Drier
  20. Potentiostat/ Cyclic Voltammetry
  21. Digital Magnetic Susceptibility Balance
  • Amin, M. Saeed Iqbal. Solvent free synthesis of acetaminophen. US 9,006,488 B1, Apr. 14, 2015.
  • Abdul Hameed, Nafees Iqbal, Jamshed Hashim, Khalid Mohammed Khan, Syed Tarique Moin, Shakeel Ahmad, Syed Abid Ali, Fatima Zahra Basha, Mariya al-Rashida, Rima D. Alharthy, Shahnaz Perveen. Process for the preparation of quinoline based ionic fluoride salts (QUFS). US-Patent No. 9643169, Application No. 15.158,867, Patent Date 09/05/2017.
1.      Project# PSF/NSLP/P-FCCU (179). Isolation of natural products from a medicinal plant of Pakistan and their Chemical and Biotechnological studies.

PI: Dr. Dildar Ahmed

Co-PI: Dr. Kauser Abdullah Malik. 


2.      Project# 20-1986/R&D/11. The assay-guided isolation of chemical constituents from a medicinal plant (Carissa opaca), and the study of their bio activities.

PI: Dr. Dildar Ahmed.

3.      Project# 20-3133/NRPU/R&D/HEC/13/675. Synthesis of novel sulfonamide derivatives as inhibitors of ectonucleotidases.

PI: Dr. Mariya al-Rashida

Co-PI: Dr. Jamshed Iqbal


4.      Project # 20-3775/NRPU/R&D/HEC/14//220. Substitution of synthetic polymers with highly biocompatible and inexpensive polymers from renewable sources in formulation of pharmaceuticals.

PI: Dr. M. Saeed Iqbal

Co-PI: Dr. Shazma Azeem

5.      Project # 5475 (Approved by HEC) Drug Delivery Using   Choline Based Green Surfactants

PI: Dr Hafiz Muhammad Abd ur Rahman

Co-PI: Dr. Muhammad Nadeem Asghar

6.      Project # 5676 (Approved by HEC) Interaction, Dynamics and Speciation in Binary Solution of Choline Based green Ionic Liquids with Molecular Solvents.

PI: Dr Athar Yasin Khan

Co-PI: Dr Hafiz Muhammad Abd ur Rahman


  1. Three Day Workshop on “Computational Chemistry”, January 7-9, 2014.
  2. Two-day workshop on “Chemometrics & Chemical Data Handling Tools” October 16-17, 2014.


  1. Three-day international conference, “Exploring New Avenues in Medicinal Chemistry: Opportunities & Challenges”, January 21-23, 2015.


  1. Three-day Workshop on “Computational Chemistry Workshop: A New Approach to Understanding & Solving Chemical Problems” January 20-22, 2016.


  1. Three-day international conference, “Current Research in Chemical & Pharmaceutical Sciences”, January 18-20, 2017.

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